Everyone wants to know about Digital Twin

Digital Twin is a technology used to create a replica of any living or non-living asset which can be controlled, monitored and managed digitally. The industry has been talking about this concept since 2002 but it was a complex and expensive method in its initial stage. With the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT), [...]

Top 4 Total Condition Monitoring Cost Savings

Condition monitoring is a process employed in the asset performance management industry for improving machine health. This is done by monitoring the condition of assets and plants for changes in vibration, pressure, temperature, noise, oil or another measurable operational characteristic. This type of monitoring is a predictive measure aimed at identifying potential faults and attending [...]

X-Mesh for IoT Automation!

X-Mesh is the IoT Network that can Adapt and Heal Itself X-Mesh uses Machine Learning and AI principles to provide an efficient way of connecting IoT devices in a network. X-Mesh essentially makes gateways redundant by decetralising the network's architecture. X-mesh is unique in the way it creates, adapts and repairs itself. This is [...]

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Modern Vibration Monitoring

Manufacturing and other industries have long known that monitoring the vibration of their equipment is a crucial step in making decisions around maintenance and replacement. Vibration levels are a key indicator of the health of machines, however the traditional monitoring process involves manually collecting this information. Today there is a much better way – modern [...]