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Automate human comfort monitoring with wireless vibration sensors.

Working on an offshore rig in the North Sea sounds pretty adventurous and arduous. There’s the isolation, the cold and stormy weather, and the cramped conditions. While the 12-hour shifts are long, the living and working environments in such remote locations have improved dramatically in recent years due to advances in technology.

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables the remote monitoring and analysis of a variety of environmental factors relating to human comfort.

We recently travelled to the Netherlands to assist a global leader in the design, construction and repair of mobile offshore rigs, implement our AlphaX IoT device at one of its locations in the North Sea.

The company is using the AlphaX to measure vibrations on the offshore rig via wireless vibration sensors. They will be able to monitor the vibrations both on the rig and from their offices in the Netherlands to ensure they are below the standard levels required to maintain human comfort.

The data is transmitted on one of four networks: the cellular network (just like a smart phone), Sigfox and LoRaWAN™ – low-cost narrow-band networks for securely connecting IoT sensors to the Cloud – and Wi-Fi. It is also possible to transmit via Bluetooth.

As long as the customer has our standard software and an internet connection, they are able access a live stream of data from anywhere across the globe.

The AlphaX opens the door for all sorts of possibilities across a variety of industries. Mining companies could utilise wireless vibration sensors to monitor their operations in remote Western Australia. Product manufacturers could check vibrations within factories in China or Bangladesh to ensure satisfactory human comfort for workers.

We are constantly looking for new potential applications for this industrial IoT technology.

Accessible Data from your Wireless Vibration Sensors

Imagine if the health and safety manager had to call or email our headquarters in Melbourne every time they needed access to their data. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Well, many of our competitors have built closed systems that make it quite difficult for their customers to access their data. They are essentially controlling their customers’ data and denying them access to a live stream that would have all sorts of benefits for predictive maintenance. The customer has no choice but to contact their IT department to convert the data into a useable format or, even worse, contact the software company, which may be based overseas in a completely different time zone.

At M innovation we have built our entire system with open architecture to make it easy to get data in and out. It’s your information; you own it. We’ve developed hardware and software to help you to collect and analyse the data. At the end of the day, it belongs to you.

We call it a ‘one-click export’. You click one button and you have your data.

Tap into Industrial IoT with wireless vibration sensors.