Metamorph is dedicated to building trust among its customers, partners, employees, and stakeholders by delivering premium products and services.

The following warranty and defect terms outline our commitment to providing reliable systems and the components thereof:

Hardware Warranties

AlphaX Branded Hardware:

All AlphaX branded hardware from Minnovation is covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty period, excluding the battery, begins from the date of shipment. Should your hardware experience a breakdown or malfunction due to a manufacturing or assembly defect during the warranty period, we will replace it at no additional cost.

To initiate the warranty claim, Minnovation requests that you return the original product to us for assessment before shipping the replacement. We will arrange for postage or courier service to facilitate the return, and we kindly ask that you send the product in its original packaging if possible.

Please note that Minnovation reserves the right to determine in good faith and at its sole discretion whether a malfunction resulted from a manufacturing defect or from any other causes specified above.

Non AlphaX Branded Hardware:

For equipment that is resold by Metamorph, the warranty policy aligns with industry standards. However, it is important to note that the warranty terms and conditions for such equipment are solely determined by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), rather than by us.

Consequently, the warranty coverage and duration may vary based on the specific policies established by the OEM. We strive to provide accurate information regarding warranty details for each product we offer, ensuring transparency and assisting our customers in understanding the warranty coverage provided by the OEM.

Please be aware that if the OEM or Minnovation refuses warranty coverage, the warranty will not apply.


Metamorph’s warranty does not apply in the following circumstances:
– Improper use or storage of equipment.
– Damage caused by water or moisture.
– Intentional or accidental damage.
– Physical damage including twisting, bending, wrenching, cutting, or misuse.
– Natural (weather-related) or electrical damage due to power surge.
– Hardware changes.
– Case (container) changes.
– Component alterations, including changes to connectors or other fixed components.
– Exposure to radiation or corrosive chemicals.

Please note that batteries are not covered under this warranty policy.

Voluntary Replacement:

Minnovation may allow the replacement of non-functional hardware or batteries, even if the warranty has expired or does not apply for the reasons specified above. Such replacements or returns will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to Minnovation’s sole discretion in determining the terms of exchange or return.

A restocking fee may be charged at Minnovation’s sole discretion, with a minimum fee of $100 or up to 10% of the value of the returned items.

Software Warranties

Software and SaaS:

In addition to hardware warranties, Metamorph provides software services under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The software provided to you under this agreement is provided “as is.” Apart from the above warranties, we disclaim all other warranties or representations, expressed or implied, regarding the performance, accuracy, reliability, or non-infringement of the software.

Minnovation does not guarantee uninterrupted operation, error-free performance, or that the software will meet the expectations of the customer or any third party. Oral or written information or advice provided by our representatives or employees does not create a warranty or extend the scope of our obligations.

Services Warranties

Analytics Services:

In addition to the hardware and software warranties mentioned above, Metamorph offers analytics services as part of its Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. These services are provided to help customers gain insights from their data and make informed decisions. While Metamorph strives to deliver accurate and reliable analytics services, please note the following:

– Accuracy of Data: Metamorph makes reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data processed and analyzed through its analytics services. However, the accuracy of the analytics results is also dependent on the quality and accuracy of the input data provided by the customer.

– Data Security: Metamorph prioritizes data security and takes appropriate measures to protect customer data within the scope of the analytics services. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the security and privacy of their data during transmission and storage.

Integration Services:

Metamorph offers integration services to enable seamless connectivity and interoperability between its products or services and third-party systems or applications. The following considerations apply to integration services:

– Compatibility: Metamorph will make reasonable efforts to ensure compatibility between its products or services and third-party systems or applications. However, due to the dynamic nature of technology and variations in third-party systems, compatibility cannot be guaranteed for all scenarios.

– Cooperation and Communication: Successful integration depends on effective cooperation and communication between Metamorph and the customer or any third-party involved. Both parties should provide necessary information and collaborate closely to achieve the desired integration results.

Installation Services:

Metamorph provides installation services to assist customers in the proper setup and configuration of its hardware, software, or systems. The following points apply to installation services:

– Qualified Personnel: Metamorph will assign qualified personnel or recommend certified professionals to perform installation services. These individuals possess the necessary skills and expertise to ensure a proper and efficient installation process.

– Site Readiness: It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the installation site meets the necessary requirements specified by Metamorph. This includes providing a suitable environment, necessary infrastructure, and access to required resources.

– User Training: As part of installation services, Metamorph may provide user training to familiarize customers with the operation, features, and maintenance of the installed hardware, software, or systems. User training may be conducted on-site or remotely, depending on the agreed terms.

It is important for customers to review and understand the specific terms and conditions related to analytics services, integration services, and installation services before engaging with Metamorph. These sections aim to clarify the scope, responsibilities, and limitations associated with each service area.

Exercising the Warranty:

To exercise the warranty, please contact [email protected]. Our support team will promptly respond to confirm the status and guide you through the warranty process.

Consumer Law in Your Country:

For consumers subject to consumer protection laws or regulations in the country of purchase or residence: The benefits provided by the warranty are in addition to all rights and regulations granted under such consumer protection laws and regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, additional rights. Such consumers may also have the right to return the hardware within a certain period after purchase.

If you have any additional questions, please contact [email protected]. We will be delighted to assist you in confirming your consumer rights. Please note that the assistance we provide is not legal advice, but rather friendly support, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our investigation.

Warranty Disclaimer

The hardware and software (the system) provided to you in connection with this Agreement is provided as “As is” (as is). Apart from the above warranties, we include the implied warranties of merchantability and FIFI, but we make no warranties or representations regarding performance, accuracy, reliability, or non-infringement, whether expressed or implied by the hardware.

Metamorph does not guarantee that the operation of the hardware, and software (the system) will not be interrupted, that no error will occur, or that the hardware will meet the expectations of the customer or a third party. Oral or written information or advice given by our representatives or employees does not create a warranty or extend the scope of our obligations.

Published On: July 13th, 2023Last Updated: July 13th, 2023