Published On: March 13th, 2019Last Updated: April 8th, 2021Categories: Articles, Condition Monitoring

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Imagine if your doctor didn’t just treat you when you were sick, but could predict ahead of time where you needed to pay attention so you didn’t even get sick in the first place? How convenient would that be? – you wouldn’t need to drop all of your plans at the last minute to fix whatever illness had snuck up on you, you could just go about your business, as usual, confident in the knowledge that your doctor would reach out and notify you if there were any issues that needed your attention. If you’re familiar with what our AlphaX Condition Monitoring can do, you can probably see where we’re going with this!

Think of AlphaX like a powerful online condition monitoring doctor who monitors the machine health of your assets in the background while you take care of more pressing matters. If anything looks amiss, you’ll receive an alert straight away so you can take care of any issues before they snowball into bigger, more expensive problems. As they say, prevention is better than cure!

How it works

With AlphaX, you can monitor a huge range of different indicators of machine health such as vibration, temperature or sound. The data on these indicators are collected by intelligent sensors and streamlined into a single, unified platform – the award-winning AlphaX Cloud software. From here, machine learning algorithms deliver an unmatched level of real-time intelligence and can even automate your decision-making based on the business logic that you define. Your machines – your rules!

Monitor your machine health, maximise your peace of mind

Above all, AlphaX provides you with peace of mind. By letting our ‘doctor’ get to work, you can reduce unplanned downtime, pick up on and address faults early, and increase the lifespan of your machines. In fact, AlphaX can even predict the lifespan of your assets…down to the hour.

The best part about this doctor? They even work remotely! No trips to the doctor’s office here, you can access AlphaX anywhere and at any time. In addition, we operate a 24/7 call center for all service inquiries for our managed sites.

Would you like to ensure your machines stay healthy and robust with the help of the AlphaX wireless monitoring system? Click the button below.