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M innovation are reinventing the way councils think about Smart Cities and Suburbs. From our critically acclaimed AlphaX IoT engine to our innovative financing and cost models, partnering with M innovation makes it easier than ever before to implement your Smart Cities program.

It doesn’t matter how advanced your Smart Cities program is, M innovation’s range of M2M & IoT devices, and data services has something for you. We help you to make the process of managing a complex city a simpler and more enjoyable experience.

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Introducing the AlphaX Smart Cities Engine

The most advanced Smart Cities operating system ever imagined

Smart Parking sensor - SMART Cities
Sensors fitted to parking bays help users find empty spaces from web and mobile applications

SMART Parking

The AlphaX Smart Parking Sensors are an integral part of a Smart Cities program. Magnetic proximity sensors determine if a parking bay is available or occupied. If the Smart Parking Sensors detect a vehicle, the “Occupied” status is sent to the cloud-based analytics engine and the status can be viewed via the web or mobile app.

The sensors are simple, highly durable, wireless and completely independent, meaning no intermediate gateways or devices. These maintenance-free devices have a battery life of between 5 and 10 years.

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smart cities lighting devices
Smart lighting can help councils save on energy and maintenance costs by adapting to conditions and the environment

SMART Lighting

Our AlphaX Smart City Lighting devices are based on Tri-Band communication technologies, providing signal stability, and installation convenience. From monitoring street light status, generating energy saving reports to remotely switching power on, off and dimming, AlphaX Smart Cities Lighting devices have you covered.

Where, when and to what intensity lights are switched on and off can be determined via SMART Cities algorithms to give massive power savings and the highest lighting performance in all urban environments and conditions.

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smart cities bin sensors
Level sensors can be fitted to bins of all shapes and sizes to ensure a clean environment and efficient waste service in your city


Our intelligent bin sensors put the smart into Smart Bin Monitoring. Built tough for tough conditions, these compact wire-free sensors have a 5-10 year battery life with millimetre precision on bin levels for liquids, recyclables and solid waste.

Like all AlphaX range of devices, our Smart Bin Sensors feature easy installation, GPS tracking and open standards integration into the AlphaX Smart Cities analytics engine and other 3rd party systems.

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smart cities traffic sensors
Smart cities traffic monitoring sensors recognise vehicles and track congestion on busy roadways to help town planners and engineers

SMART Traffic

Monitoring traffic and noise are an important part of Smart Cities management. The AlphaX traffic and noise monitor allows engineers and planners to monitor the flow of traffic across their city and ensure that it is managed in the best possible way.

The AlphaX traffic and noise monitor can be 240V, solar or battery operated and mounted at ground level or higher for best performance. The unit has a multi-core processor to be able to collect accurate traffic and noise data simultaneously.

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smart cities air quality
Air quality sensors provide heat map overlays of air pollutants and toxins to help your smart cities program deliver clean, fresh air to residents

SMART Environment

The Eco-Safe range of SMART air and water quality monitors can handle all of the pollutants Smart Cities can produce. With the ability to measure toxins, dust/dirt and other particles in real-time, the Eco-Safe range of smart environmental quality monitors have been proven over 20 years in the toughest of industries.

When combined with the AlphaX analytics engine, the Eco-Safe Smart air quality monitors can produce accurate maps overlays and predict when and where outbreaks of odour, dust and other nasty air pollutants are most likely to occur.

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Accelerate your Smart Cities Program

Accelerate your program with the high-impact smart city partnership program. Available to the first 50 eligible organisations, the smart partnership program provides the 4 weeks of device coverage and installation at no cost.

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