Published On: February 1st, 2019Last Updated: April 16th, 2021Categories: Articles, Smart City Management

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M Innovation has partnered with the City of Casey to connect over 95% of the region with TTN (The Things Network) coverage. TTN, the freely available wireless data network, provides the infrastructure that’s needed to power Smart Homes, Smart Cities, and Smart Workplaces.

Managing Director of M Innovation Simon Maselli says “this is a game changer for businesses and agriculture in Casey. That’s because it reduces the time and cost to deploy sensors in businesses and homes”. TTN was initially rolled out in Amsterdam in 2015 and has since become available in 137 countries all over the world.

In total 11 TTN gateway devices will cover the region, with 2 trial locations already having been in operation since July 2018. The devices are completely self-powered and standalone, with a theoretical range of over 50km in all directions.

The partnership between M Innovation and the City of Casey is a strong one, with the team winning a joint prize at the 2018 Victorian AIIA iAwards. “Partnerships like ours provide innovative outcomes for the whole community,” says Maselli.