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If data is the crude oil of the 21st century, then collecting and aggregating data is like mining and refining oil – the end product is so much more valuable. Nowadays there are lots of ways you can supercharge your data even further, with data visualisation tools like Power BI taking your data to the next level. The AlphaX wireless monitoring system uses an intelligent feature called ‘AlphaX Conduit’ to give your data the flexibility to be used in tools such as Power BI.

AlphaX Conduit

At its basic level, the AlphaX wireless monitoring system collects operating data from your assets (such as the vibration of an industrial fan), and aggregates the data in the AlphaX Cloud software so you can see everything you need to know at a glance.

Behind the scenes is a nifty little feature we like to call ‘AlphaX Conduit’. What does it do? AlphaX Conduit is like a translator that allows data from a huge variety of sources to be funnelled through to the AlphaX Cloud software. Whether your data is coming through via Mgtt., Sigfox, or TTN livestreams (just to name a few), AlphaX Conduit will make sure it can be interpreted by the system.

Not only does AlphaX Conduit help with data going in to the system, it also makes it a breeze to send your data out. You can export your data to a variety of destinations such as Power BI, Tableaux, or Azure. AlphaX Conduit is what makes AlphaX a truly universal monitoring system.

If you’re based in Melbourne and interested in learning more about Power BI –  an interactive data visualisation tool developed by Microsoft – we can highly recommend a course run by data guru Warren Dean.

Power BI Training Right Here in Melbourne

DataTale’s Warren Dean runs Power BI training in Melbourne that teaches you exactly how to supercharge your data by turning it into meaningful, visual stories. Warren’s course focuses on teaching you the skills you need to become a successful Power BI developer. This is way beyond anything you can just look up on Google – you learn how to develop reports from scratch, understand design principles, model data, problem solve, and pick up lots of handy shortcuts and efficiency tips.

Warren Dean at the Mayors Business Leaders Dinner 2018 011

At M Innovation, we believe that data has the power to change the world. That’s why we developed the AlphaX wireless monitoring system. By using intelligent features such as AlphaX Conduit, you can make your data flexible enough to use in a huge range of different ways, such as in Power BI. To see if AlphaX would be a good fit for you, contact us today.