Asset Performance Monitoring

AlphaX is your simple, complete and low cost solution for monitoring the performance of key assets across your enterprise.

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Asset Performance Monitoring IoT System
Asset Performance Management System Artificial Intelligence

Simple, Complete and Low Cost Asset Performance Monitoring Systems

AlphaX is a complete asset performance monitoring and control system offered “as a service”. The system is made up of Internet of Things (IoT) hardware, award winning software and legendary support for a simple, hassle free way to monitor any asset. Use the AlphaX operations dashboard to track performance or create alerts. Easy data sharing with thousands of 3rd party systems thanks to innovative Conduit technology. Start your Digital Transformation here!

AlphaX is Monitoring Asset Performance Worldwide

AlphaX Asset Performance Monitoring Systems are used to facilitate data driven decisions and drive digital transformation across Australia and the World

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AlphaX FAQ’s

Answers to some of the most common questions we get when talking about our Asset Performance Monitoring Systems. Still have a question? Contact to our Support Team

I am concerned about support2019-04-19T15:46:48+10:00

We get that! That’s why we offer full SLA agreements with all purchases offering 99.9% uptime or greater, have a 24/7 support hotline and dedicated staff who are fanatical about support. If you want to learn more drop us a line, we are here to help.

I want to integrate with an existing system2019-04-19T15:36:26+10:00

Can do! We have developed a technology to make integration easy and available to thousands of 3rd party systems through a process known as (RPA) Robotic Process Automation. Even legacy systems without modern API’s can be integrated in minutes!

What Software is provided with AlphaX systems?2019-04-19T15:28:55+10:00

All AlphaX Systems come with AlphaX core. This allows AlphaX to connect to any IoT device and record it’s data (Yes 3rd Party devices are supported). Specific applications also come with modules to provide easier reporting, tracking and alarming based on unique characteristics. Talk to our support team for more information.

What is an Asset Performance Monitoring System?2019-04-19T15:47:54+10:00

Asset performance monitoring systems act to improve the reliability and availability of physical assets while minimizing risk and operating costs and can be used to monitor individual highly critical assets, a suite of assets or even facilities and utilities.

What Hardware is supplied with AlphaX Systems?2019-04-19T15:49:17+10:00

AlphaX Systems include all of the hardware you will need to get up and running quickly and easily. This includes sensors, gateways and any auxiliary equipment such as mounting brackets and hardware that may be needed. AlphaX systems are provided “Complete”.

How can I get started with AlphaX?2019-04-19T15:21:02+10:00

Easy. You can get started with AlphaX by simply filling out this form and leaving your details. A member of our support team will reach out and organise a demo.

Can I Purchase AlphaX Hardware Separately2019-04-19T15:17:20+10:00

Sorry – No. Our hardware is provided as part of the AlphaX SaaS agreement and cannot be purchased seperately.