Autonomous Landfill Methane Extraction System

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The collaboration between Core Environmental Projects and Minnovation resulted in the development of a Flare Monitoring System for Methane Extraction. This system, designed in compliance with external standards such as IEC 61508 for functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems and EPA guidelines for Methane extraction. Core EP was responsible for the system development and the provision of the mechanical flare, while Minnovation contributed the instrumentation and control logic. The project emphasized safety, reliability, and environmental compliance through features like emergency and fail-safe logic, critical monitoring, telemetry, and auto-recovery.

Collaboration Details

Core Environmental Projects, an expert in environmental consultancy, focused on developing the Flare Monitoring System. They supplied the mechanical flare essential for the Methane Extraction process. Their expertise ensured that the system was not only efficient but also environmentally compliant, aligning with their commitment to sustainable practices and EPA regulations and guidelines.

Minnovation’s role was critical in providing instrumentation and control logic. They integrated a solution that was deterministic, redundant, and monitored, ensuring the system was always available, robust, and could autonomously handle multiple constraints during flare events.

System Features

1. Emergency and Fail-Safe Logic: Both companies prioritized safety in the design. The system includes robust emergency protocols and fail-safe mechanisms to handle potential crises effectively, minimising risks associated with Methane extraction.

2. Critical Monitoring and Telemetry: Real-time monitoring was a key aspect. The system’s telemetry capabilities allow for continuous tracking of crucial metrics. This level of monitoring ensures operational integrity and swift response to any anomalies or deviations from expected performance.

3. Auto-Recovery: A standout feature is the system’s ability to auto-recover. This self-sufficiency reduces downtime and enhances overall system reliability, a testament to the forward-thinking engineering from both Core EP and Minnovation.

4. Dashboards and Alerting: The real-time monitoring is enhanced by comprehensive dashboards and alerting mechanisms. These tools provide immediate insights into the system’s performance, allowing for prompt decision-making and action, crucial in maintaining the system’s integrity and effectiveness.


The collaboration between Core Environmental Projects and Minnovation in developing the Flare Monitoring System is a prime example of how combining expertise from different fields can lead to innovative solutions. The project stands out for its integration of safety features, real-time monitoring, and advanced technology. This partnership not only reflects the companies’ individual strengths but also their shared commitment to environmental stewardship and technological advancement. The system’s success is a benchmark in the field of environmental technology, showcasing how collaboration can lead to significant improvements in sustainability and operational efficiency.


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