Illuminating Innovation: How Banyule’s Smart Street Lighting Makeover Brightens the Future of Urban Living

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Introduction to Banyule’s Smart Street Lighting Makeover

The City of Banyule embarked on a transformative journey to modernize its public lighting infrastructure, integrating advanced technology to enhance energy efficiency, safety, and sustainability. This case study explores the comprehensive approach taken by the City of Banyule, in collaboration with key partners, to implement LoRaWAN Zhaga and Nema7 socketed smart street lighting controllers across its municipality. This ambitious project aimed to retrofit LED lights with smart controllers and replace over 100 legacy light fixtures with LED equivalents. the City prioritising 9 high-traffic carparks and public spaces with a future roadmap for expanding the initiative to cover all lights in the region.

Project Overview

The smart street lighting initiative’s core objective was to replace outdated lighting systems with modern LED lights and smart lighting controllers. This move was driven by the need to improve energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance the safety and comfort of public spaces. The project was strategically divided into several phases, starting with high-priority areas, and planned to extend to lower-priority sites as budget allocations allowed.

Implementation Strategy

Selection of Technology

The project leveraged Fondatech LoRaWAN lighting controllers due to their reliability, long-range communication capabilities, and low power consumption. These controllers were installed in both new LED fixtures and existing ones, ensuring a uniform, smart lighting grid across the city. To bolster the network’s connectivity, 4 Milesight UG67 LoRaWAN gateways were deployed, significantly enhancing the coverage of LoRaWAN and the Things Network within the municipality.

Partner Collaboration

The success of the project hinged on effective collaboration with two key partners:

  • Streamline Electrical: Tasked with the electrical and mechanical works, Streamline Electrical played a pivotal role in replacing the light fixtures and executing essential electrical upgrades. Their expertise ensured the project’s technical requirements were met with precision and efficiency.
  • Minnovation: Responsible for the software and integration work, Minnovation provided the technological backbone for the project. They ensured seamless integration of the smart lighting controllers with the existing infrastructure, enabling advanced features like remote monitoring, control, and energy consumption analytics.

Project Execution

The project was executed with meticulous planning and coordination, ensuring minimal disruption to the public and maximization of resources. The high-priority parks were the first to undergo transformation, setting a benchmark for the project’s quality and impact.

Lighting Fixture Replacement

Over 100 legacy light fixtures were replaced with advanced LED lights, providing brighter, more energy-efficient illumination. The retrofitting process involved careful selection of fixtures compatible with the LoRaWAN Zhaga and Nema7 smart street lighting sockets, ensuring future-proof and adaptable lighting infrastructure.

Controller Replacement and Network Expansion

The existing LED light fixtures were upgraded with Fondatech LoRaWAN controllers, bringing them into the smart network fold. The installation of additional LoRaWAN gateways ensured comprehensive coverage, enabling the full spectrum of smart lighting capabilities across Banyule.

Outcomes and Benefits

Improved Light Status Visibility

One of the transformative outcomes of the project was the enhanced visibility of light statuses. Prior to the implementation, the maintenance of lighting fixtures was largely reactive, relying on reports of failures. The new system allows for real-time monitoring, enabling proactive maintenance and significantly reducing downtime.

Energy Consumption Insights

The smart lighting controllers provided granular data on energy consumption, allowing the City of Banyule to analyze and optimize energy use across different sections of the lighting system. This data-driven approach not only reduces energy costs but also contributes to the city’s sustainability goals.

Customisable Lighting Solutions

A notable feature of the new system is the ability to fine-tune lighting levels, including dimming capabilities near residential areas to minimize light pollution and disturbance. This customization enhances the quality of life for Banyule’s residents, demonstrating a thoughtful integration of technology and community needs.


The City of Banyule’s smart street lighting project represents a significant leap forward in urban infrastructure management and sustainability. Through strategic partnerships with Streamline Electrical and Minnovation, and by leveraging Fondatech LoRaWAN controllers and Milesight gateways, the city has established a model for future-proof, efficient, and responsive public lighting systems. This initiative not only showcases the tangible benefits of smart lighting control but also sets a precedent for other municipalities to follow, highlighting the transformative power of technology in creating safer, more sustainable urban environments.


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