Wireless Vibration Monitoring by AlphaX™

Track the health and performance of your equipment in real time.

Reduction in Maintenance Costs
Increase in Equipment Availability
Reduction in EH&S incidents
Reduction in Inventory

Real Time Visibility for your Asset Condition.

The AlphaX™ Wireless Vibration Monitoring System is designed to give your maintenance and engineering teams complete visibility into the condition and health of the equipment they maintain. Meeting ISO10816 guidelines for vibration monitoring, the system monitors your equipment in real-time and alerts you when its time to take action.

Benefits of the AlphaX Wireless Vibration Monitoring System

Reducing failures and increasing downtime is just the beginning. AlphaX is the right choice if you manage and maintain rotating equipment. User friendly and customisable the AlphaX vibration monitoring system ticks all the right boxes in terms of reliability, operability and ROI. Start now!

X1 Mechanical Vibration Sensor

The X1™ Wireless Vibration Sensor outputs vibration in 0-1000Hz in mm/s velocity, m/s acceleration in the X, Y and Z axis and temperature in degree Celsius. The sensor can be programmed to monitor up to 9 specific vibration envelopes on any axis to wake and alarm when a threshold is exceeded.

Machine Health Gateway

The Machine Health Gateway is an industrial grade device, designed for connecting your sensors to the cloud. With WiFi, Cellular, LoRaWAN and Bluetooth compatibility it is the fastest and easiest way to deploy the AlphaX wireless vibration monitoring system.

AlphaX Cloud

AlphaX Cloud analytical and data platform provides the insight necessary to give you complete visibility of your machines reliability and condition. Log in to instantly visualise your machines health from anywhere, at anytime on any device.
AlphaX Cloud Digital Twin

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