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In 2023, the Bellfield Community Hub, which began operations in 2022, underwent a significant enhancement in its facility management capabilities through the introduction of an Integrated Facility Management (IFM) system. The project, led by Minnovations, involved the seamless integration of the hub’s Building Management System (BMS) and Energy Management System (EMS) with Banyule Cities IoT Platform AlphaX. This case study examines how the dual-network integration, featuring both LoRaWAN and BACnet systems, along with the strategic deployment of IoT sensors for air quality and occupancy monitoring, revolutionised the hub’s operations and visibility.

Project Goals and System Design

The primary aim of Minnovations was to implement an IFM system that not only streamlined operations but also provided enhanced data-driven insights across the facility’s utilities and services. Key components included:

  1. Advanced Sensor Deployment: Installation of cutting-edge IoT sensors on the LoRaWAN network for monitoring air quality and occupancy.
  2. Network Dual Integration: Simultaneous use of LoRaWAN and BACnet networks ensured comprehensive connectivity and interoperability across various building systems.
  3. Centralised Data Management: Data from all systems was integrated into the AlphaX IoT platform, breaking down silos and enhancing facility-wide analytics.
Technology Implementation and Collaboration

Minnovation partnered with technology leaders Milesight for IoT sensors and Huaxin for additional system components, ensuring the deployment of high-quality, reliable monitoring tools. The implementation of a private LoRaWAN network built on The Things Network facilitated seamless communication of data across the entire facility.

Enhancements through IFM

The IFM system brought significant improvements in operational efficiency and environment management:

  • Air Quality Monitoring: The new IoT sensors enabled continuous monitoring of indoor air pollutants and adjustments in real-time to maintain optimal air quality.
  • Occupancy Monitoring: Sensors accurately detected real-time space usage, allowing for dynamic adjustments in lighting, heating, and cooling systems, thereby enhancing energy efficiency and occupant comfort.
Operational Insights and Facility Management

Integrating the BMS and EMS with the IoT platform provided the facility management team with comprehensive operational insights:

  • Data Visibility: The integrated data environment allowed for unprecedented visibility into the facility’s operations, ensuring that all systems functioned cohesively.
  • Proactive Maintenance and Energy Management: Real-time data facilitated predictive maintenance schedules and smarter energy management, significantly reducing costs and downtime.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: The analytics provided by the IFM system empowered facility managers to make informed decisions quickly, improving overall facility operations and user satisfaction.
Community and Organizational Benefits

The IFM system significantly enhanced service delivery within the community:

  • Sustainable Environment Management: Improved monitoring and management of environmental conditions ensured sustainability and compliance with environmental standards.
  • Resource Optimization: Integrated monitoring and management of resources led to optimized use and significant cost savings.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Increased transparency in facility operations fostered greater trust and engagement among stakeholders and the community.
Network Advantages and Scalability

The robust network infrastructure ensured not only reliability and security in data transmission but also scalability. This allows for future expansion and integration of additional sensors or systems as needed without major overhauls, ensuring the hub remains at the forefront of technology and efficiency.


The implementation of Integrated Facility Management at Bellfield Community Hub has set a new standard in how facilities are managed. By leveraging advanced IoT technologies and integrated network solutions, Minnovation has transformed the hub into a model of efficiency and proactive management, benefiting both the managing council and the community it serves.

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