Project Description

The Australia Post Avalon facility, a cutting-edge parcel processing center, exemplifies innovation in facility management and operational efficiency. Constructed by Quanstruct, this facility integrates advanced monitoring and control systems provided by Minnovation, in partnership with Essential Airconditioning. This case study details how Minnovation’s technology unifies various systems for a comprehensive view of site operations, enhances sustainability, and ensures staff comfort, aligning with standards like ASHRAE55.

Project Overview

Minnovation’s involvement in the Australia Post Avalon facility focused on creating a unified and efficient monitoring system that connected disparate operational elements. This integration was crucial for the facility, which processes thousands of parcels daily and requires precise environmental control for both efficiency and staff comfort.

Unified System Integration

Minnovation’s solution effectively linked four different systems: the Daiken HVAC, multiple Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units, vehicle tracking, and occupancy monitoring. This integration provided a unified view of the facility’s operations, allowing for streamlined management and quick decision-making.

1. Daiken HVAC and CRAC Units: The integration of Daiken HVAC systems and CRAC units was pivotal in maintaining optimal temperature and air quality. Minnovation’s sensors and control units monitored performance, enabling real-time adjustments to ensure a stable environment, crucial for both equipment functioning and staff comfort.

2. Vehicle Entry and Exit Tracking: Minnovation deployed sensors at various entry and exit points to monitor the movement of vehicles. This tracking ensured efficient logistics management, crucial for a facility that relies heavily on timely dispatch and receipt of parcels.

3. Occupancy Monitoring in Warehouses and Offices: Occupancy sensors were installed in warehouses and offices to monitor staff presence. This data was used to optimise lighting, heating, and cooling systems, enhancing comfort while reducing energy usage.

Staff Comfort and Sustainability

Minnovation prioritized staff comfort in both office and sorting areas. Temperature and air quality sensors, aligned with ASHRAE55 standards, ensured that the working environment remained within comfortable thresholds. This approach not only improved staff well-being but also enhanced productivity.

Energy and Water Monitoring

Sustainability was a key focus, with Minnovation’s system tracking energy and water usage. This monitoring was crucial for identifying areas where efficiency could be improved, reducing the facility’s carbon footprint and operational costs.

Partnership with Essential Airconditioning

Essential Airconditioning played a critical role in the monitoring and control aspects of the facility, ensuring that the HVAC and CRAC systems functioned optimally. Their expertise in air conditioning systems complemented Minnovation’s technological solutions, creating a synergy that was essential for the project’s success.


The Australia Post Avalon facility, with Minnovation’s state-of-the-art building management system, stands as a testament to the power of integrated technology in enhancing operational efficiency, sustainability, and staff comfort. This project not only serves the immediate needs of Australia Post but also sets a benchmark for future facilities aiming to balance operational demands with environmental responsibility and employee well-being.


This case study demonstrates how strategic partnerships and technological integration can revolutionize facility management, setting a new standard in the logistics and parcel delivery sector.

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