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Situated at 199 George Street in the Sydney CBD area next to The Rocks district and Circular Quay, the Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney offers 5-star, luxurious accommodations and more. The building was opened in October 1982 and has 498 guest rooms and 33 suites spread out over 34 stories. The building is also home to the largest outdoor hotel swimming pool in Sydney, with separate whirlpool and third floor sundeck. It also has a 350sq. m fitness center among other facilities.

The building is serviced via a machine plant room on the 32nd floor that has several large chillers and associated plant and equipment. After a plant room and chiller replacements in 2011, the services contractor (Engie Services) installed permanent monitoring onto the Chillers rotating ends. These chillers are a high cost item and difficult to access and replace in the event of failure.

Mains powered Machine Health Gateways and four VIBX1600 vibration sensors were mounted to each of the 8 chillers. Accelerometers were also fitted to nearby water pumps to monitor the condition of those. Accelerometers were also fitted to outlet valves to detect pipe hammer.

The systems were connected to the Sigfox network and the condition data was aggregated in the AlphaX Cloud platform. The site created alerts in the AlphaX Cloud platform to immediately alert them by SMS in the event of impending failure. These alerts were based on the ISO10816-3 standards for reciprocating machinery.

Since installing the system there have been no failures to these systems and the root cause identified. Future plans include connecting the Machine Health Gateway directly to the PLC controlling the chillers and stop them immediately during high vibration events.

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