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Minnovation is committed to providing continuity of service in the face of any disruptions caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic. As a key part of our commitment to our customers and employees, this plan details Minnovation’s strategy for minimizing disruption and preserving those services.


The primary objectives of the Minnovation Business Continuity Plan are to:

  1. Establish a clear policy and process for responding effectively to an emergency or disruptive event while minimizing potential risks;
  2. Implement risk assessment procedures that can identify potential threats;
  3. Implement appropriate prevention and mitigation measures to avoid or minimize the impact of a threat;
  4. Develop communication plans and protocols for informing stakeholders about the plan, its implementation, and any changes therein;
  5. Designate a designated back-up personnel for continuing operations in case of emergency;
  6. Create proactive strategies for recovering from emergency situations quickly with minimal losses and disruption; and
  7. Ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations governing business continuity planning both locally, nationally, and internationally.

Risk Management:

Minnovation takes all necessary steps to identify, assess, monitor, respond to and prevent potential risks associated with the Covid-19 pandemic or any other emergency or disruptive events that may arise in future. To ensure effective risk management practice across our organisation, we have assigned specific roles to different members of personnel who have been specially trained in risk management processes such as assessing potential risks associated with pandemics before they occur. These personnel are responsible for conducting regular risk assessments at different levels within the organisation aimed at identifying any new emerging risks or existing ones that may be increasing due to changing environmental factors such as discovery of new strains of Covid 19 virus etc. They also provide support by suggesting appropriate response measures should any new threats emerge.

Continuity Planning:

To ensure sufficient resources are available during an emergency situation Minnovation has developed comprehensive continuity plans at both organisational level as well as individual departmental level which include details on how each department would deal with various scenarios arising from unpredictable events associated with Covid 19 pandemic such as but not limited to staff absenteeism due to illness/quarantine demands, supply chain disruptions etc…. At organisational level these plans include detailed information about the steps required for maintaining critical business functions such as customer service provisioning, financial reporting etc., should a significant number of employees become unavailable due to contracting Infectious Disease legislation requirements etc.. The plan also includes details about what data must be backed up regularly so it can be accessed if needed during an emergency situation along with activities related to ensuring secure remote access capabilities so employees can continue their work without physical presence in office premises if required due to government mandated “stay at home” directives etc.

Monitoring & Testing:

Minnovation has established regular monitoring procedures along with periodic testing exercises so we can remain constantly aware of changing threats posed by pandemics like COVID 19 virus strain which could affect our organisation’s ability to provide seamless services uninterruptedly . This helps us refer back quickly when faced with similar real world incidents allowing us more time for effective decision making on how best we tackle such situations protecting our customers interests above all else . This also ensures that all processes mentioned in this plan remain up-to-date taking into account latest technological advancements , enabling us better equipped when faced with difficult times .

Communication Plan:

We understand importance of communication especially during difficult times like these . Our Communication Plan outlines how we effectively inform all stakeholders including customers , vendors , suppliers , governmental organisations etc… about changes in services offered due to modified working conditions brought forth due COVID – 19 pandemic . We will use multiple channels including emails , text messages , phone calls , website popups / notifications & social media platforms (Facebook/Twitter) depending upon unique needs & preferences indicated by each stakeholder group respectively offering them most suitable way they can get connected & updated regarding our latest developments . Furthermore , we will keep up frequent communication updates based on feedback received from stakeholders making sure everyone is aware & informed about any changes that could affect the services delivered through impacted areas .


In summarising this Business Continuity Plan pertaining COVID – 19 Pandemic , Minnovation is dedicated towards ensuring seamless operations even during trying times like these where unexpected events can bring unforeseen consequences impacting business operations significantly . We strive towards implementing necessary actions mentioned above keeping ahead any possible disruptions thus helping us maintain high quality services as expected from us continually regardless circumstances happens around us .

We believe that through this Business Continuity Plan, we are well prepared to face any challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated events. As always, Minnovation remains committed to our customers’ needs and will take all necessary measures when faced with difficult times. We are confident that this plan will help us maintain a consistent level of service while keeping our business operations and customer relationships strong. Thank you for taking the time to review this Business Continuity Plan, and we hope it serves as a useful reference as we continue to navigate changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.