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Post Data with Conduit V4 Webhook

Last Updated: July 10th, 2023
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The simplest way of posting data to AlphaX using web hooks.

Posting Data to AlphaX using V4 is a relatively simple process. The user must format his/her URL in the correct format and simply POST it to the server. The AlphaX system will automatically take care of the rest!

The user can now post the the HTTP webhook using the following URL:​

Example Usage:

This would submit the value “12.54” to the AlphaX database and store it against channel 1 on the device ID “mydevice1234”

Mandatory Data

Mandatory data to be posted to the conduit API service are:

Key Value
token The AlphaX user token. the user must be able to access the device in AlphaX hierarchy or the validation will fail.
netid Network ID of the device. Also referred to as the device unique identifier
chid The channel ID of the device that you want to store data against. Also referred to as the channel register.
value The value to insert into the system. The must be a number to pass validation otherwise you will get an error message.

Q & A

Q: Why are there multiple versions of your API available?

A: As we have continued to evolve our API to suit more complicated use cases, We have left older version in place for those who have setup automations and to provide simpler ways of interacting with the system,

Q: What time stamp will be applied to my data?

A: Your data will be timestamped according to the date/time that the message is received by our server. if users must POST data for a different time, we suggest using the more complicated conduit V6.

Q: Why do I receive a throttle message?

A: Post messages will be automatically throttled according to the users (token) access plan. This means you may need to wait between messages to be able to post data.

Q: Why do I receive an 401 – Unauthorised message

A: The ConduitV4 Webhook compares the token provided against the device to see if the user associated with the token can access the device you want to post data to. Check data hierarchy for more information.