How do I edit my User Profile

How do I edit my User Profile

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  1. Pull down the user profile tab by clicking your Name in the top left of AlphaX Cloud. The drop-down will include your username, your email address and two buttons, one to edit your Profile and one to Sign Out.
  2. Select Profile.           

User Profile Link

3. You’ll be directed to your profile page where you can modify the following details.

Site: Determines what devices you can see.

Name: You can edit your name any time.

Email: You may update your email address here.

Mobile number: You can add a mobile number for SMS notifications.

Change password. You can change your password if required. For more information, read our article here:

Timezone: The timezone should be set correctly to your relevant time zone for accurate readings.

Enable Dark Mode: A less contrasting theme that may be easier on the eyes in low light conditions. For more information, read our article here:

Layout: This decides if the AlphaX cloud will be displayed with a fixed width or a dynamic one.

Sidebar: Decides the default behaviour of the side menu, Collapsed or Expanded.

Conduit: This enables conduit for your user account and provides you with a token to authorise API requests. For more information, read our article here

Don’t forget to select Save for AlphaX to remember the changes.