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Bulk Upload Devices



How to use the bulk upload feature to import devices into AlphaX

Bulk Uploading How To

The bulk upload feature can be found on the devices page. Navigate to devices and follow the below set of instructions to upload devices.
1. Click Upload Device Button

2. Download the provided template

3. Create new CSV file and enter details according to template

Please note that:

The same device must be next to each other and have same Device Name, Device Tag, Network ID and Keep Alive.

All columns with * are required information (cannot be empty).

A device can have more than one channel

Field Description: Data for this Field
Device Name*: The description for the device location. this field is mandatory.
Device Tag*: The short code for searching for this device, often referred to as tag.
Network ID*: The unique identifier and the network reference of the device.
Keep Alive (Seconds) *: The number of seconds that the system expects to see a message from the device. This will affect alerts and system status in the system.
Channel ID *: the channel number for the data being accepted by the system.
Channel Description *: The description assigned to this channel
Calibration Factor *: The calibration factor for the channel (If any). This is used to normalise units if not done in the network. Set to 1 if calibration factor is not required.
Cumulative Values(Y/N): If values are to be cumulative. This will add up numbers in charts rather than showing individual values.

4. Choose the file and entity to upload.

The entity you select to upload will assign all of your devices to that entity. if you need to assign devices to various entities, you will need to upload multiple CSV files.

Only CSV formatted files will be accepted by the Bulk Upload tool

5. Check all of your settings and click “Upload” to upload devices. You will be returned to the device list page.