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Device care subscriptions operate on a pre-purchase system where customers buy service hours in advance. These hours are then allocated over the course of the year to execute both planned and unforeseen maintenance tasks. This structured approach ensures that regardless of unexpected issues that may arise, the hours are distributed in a manner that provides maximum value. By intelligently balancing the hours against maintenance needs, Minnovation ensures that every device under the subscription receives optimal care, fitting within the budget specified by the client.

This not only guarantees device longevity and performance but also provides peace of mind to the customers, knowing their investment is in capable hands.

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This form is designed to calculate the estimated number of service hours required annually for device care subscriptions. Users input the number of devices, gateways, and desired service visits per year.

Additionally, there’s an option to upgrade with “Go Pro,” enhancing the service level for sensors and gateways. Pro sets automatic alerts and services in place for your devices so you (and we) are notified pro-actively in the event of a problem.

By inputting this data, customers can gain a clearer understanding of their annual service requirements and budget accordingly.

Device Care Subscription FAQ

Exhaustion of Hours: If hours are utilised before the annual anniversary, customers have the option to purchase an additional subscription to see them through to the said anniversary. The additional subscription will be pro-rata for the balance of the year.

Non-Carry Over of Hours: Unused hours within the year cannot be transferred to the subsequent year. Minnovation will apply its best efforts to fully utilise all hours before the anniversary.

Anniversary Date: The subscription’s anniversary date is consistently on 1 July and will run until 30 June the subsequent year. If a customer subscribes part-way through the year, subscription hours will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, reflecting the remaining time in the ongoing year.

Cellular communications are managed in addition to the service subscription. We reserve the right to use the carrier of our choosing to supply your service and will opt for the best service coverage unless there is a good reason to choose a different provider.

Batteries are exempt from our supplier’s warranty, and as a result, we cannot extend this coverage to our customers. Any battery replacements will incur charges. We offer these replacements at the actual cost plus a 10% handling fee. To optimize your service experience, you can choose to have batteries replaced as and when required, or you can opt to review and approve each battery replacement individually on a case-by-case basis.

Should your devices experience vandalism or damage from events such as fires, floods, or lightning strikes, any associated repair costs will be beyond the scope of the service subscription. However, to streamline the process and achieve cost savings, you have the option to let us handle repairs during our scheduled service visit. Alternatively, you can opt to review and approve each repair individually on a case-by-case basis.

When device access is limited or needs specialised access equipment, like cherry pickers or scaffolding, these will be billed on an as-needs basis. By entering into to the subscription agreement, customers are agreeing that they accept these charges.

Additionally, if your site/organisation mandates inductions or work permits, the time to prepare and attend these inductions affect your annual allocation. For such situations, opting for our “GO PRO” package is advisable to ensure your subscription sufficiently includes enough hours to service your equipment.

Subscription Period: Customers are asked to purchase the support subscription annually in advance. Invoice date will be the date the subscription starts and is payable on receipt.

Subscription Components: The subscription is calculated using three components:

1. Number of gateways and devices the customer wishes to include and the estimated time required to service these per annum.
2. Number of physical visits the customer requests per year, reflecting travel time.
3. Chosen service level: Classic or Pro. Opting for the Pro level doubles the care given to your devices.

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