Everyone wants to know about Digital Twin

Digital Twin is a technology used to create a replica of any living or non-living asset which can be controlled, monitored and managed digitally. The industry has been talking about this concept since 2002 but it was a complex and expensive method in its initial stage. With the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT), [...]

IoT SaaS Vs SCADA Based Automation and Control FAQS

What is SCADA? SCADA stands for Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) this is a system of software and hardware that makes it possible for industries to monitor and control their industrial processes remotely. This is done by collecting and processing real-time data using sensors that are installed on valves, pumps, motors and other industrial [...]

How smart cities technology can boost energy efficiency in urban centers

The idea of having smart cities might sound futuristic plan to some people. The reality is that the future is nearer than you think. Many countries all over the world have already incorporated information and communication technologies into the day to day operation of their cities in order to enhance the performance of services like [...]