Smart Regulatory Compliance Software

Meet your regulatory compliance objectives without the busywork.

Automate your regulatory compliance obligations.

Connect existing data or deploy sensors to unlock information silos and make regulatory compliance data accessible anywhere, anytime. Plug in your compliance limits and set alerts to notify you (and/or authorities) if a breach occurs simplifying your reporting obligations and adding transparency to your operations. Enable predictive analytics and get advance warning of potential breaches and become more pro-active in your management and responses to regulatory compliance.  Discover how the AlphaX IoT platform can help you manage your risks and meet regulatory compliance objectives today.

Do less work to meet your compliance obligations.

Reporting your compliance obligations is a timely and costly exercise. AlphaX can help save you time and money and provide a better outcome whilst doing so.

The platform will auto-generate and send your subject matter experts a detailed analysis that can be forwarded to regulators and authorities to simplify your reporting obligations. Set compliance limits and get notified immediately when a breech occurs, or be pro-active, turn on predictive analytics and send your team advance warning of potential breaches and risks in your operation.

Powerful calculated metrics, created in a click.

Virtual Sensors in AlphaX simplify the process of creating complex calculations for regulatory compliance and reporting purposes. Create a virtual sensor with just a few clicks of your mouse and the software will automatically calculate a new data point based on your scenario. The software doesn’t care if you choose to combine a few sensors, one hundred sensors or even add static numbers, it will update any time your data is refreshed.

Once your sensors have been created, you can use them throughout the system, in reports, alerts and even in predictions.

Unleash your teams inner analyst

Empower everyone in your teams to hunt down and resolve compliance issues and problems. Users are guided through workflows to train data, compare results of their models, and rate the performance of similar assets of the same type, and view the effects of alerts all without needing to call on the IT department or write a single line of code.

“With the combination of real time data logging and leading indicators, issues with any of our equipment can be detected and rectified before it becomes a compliance issue”

Dale Grixti, RunEnergy

Return on Investment

Reduced Breaches
Reduced Injuries
Increased Productivity
Reduced Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

AlphaX is the first truly universal IoT platform for designing and deploying IoT applications throughout an enterprise, without limits. It consists of the AlphaX Cloud platform and smart sensors that allow the creation of virtually any kind of IoT application including Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, IIoT, reporting, alarming, and more.

AlphaX sensors are low power sensors that are designed to communicate on multiple networks using a variety of protocols. AlphaX sensors are manufactured from high grade aluminium and polycarbonate. They are programmed in micropython for rapid development and deployment.

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