Published On: May 27th, 2019Last Updated: April 8th, 2021Categories: Product Announcement

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X-Mesh uses Machine Learning and AI principles to provide an efficient way of connecting IoT devices in a network. X-Mesh essentially makes gateways redundant by decetralising the network’s architecture.

X-mesh is unique in the way it creates, adapts and repairs itself. This is particularly useful in environments where devices are online at intervals or where line of sight is an challenge.

The X-Mesh network automatically receives messages from all nodes, registers them and forwards data on to the next available WAN backbone. Messages are encrypted from end-to-end with bank level security (256 Bit) meaning that your data is safe and secure whilst on the X-Mesh

Why have we created X-Mesh?

The AlphaX Eco-System has been completely reconfigured to allow full-two way communications. This means wireless long distance Automation and Control are infinitely possible using AlphaX technologies and this is directly enabled by the X-Mesh.

Why is X-Mesh different?

Whilst most modern networks (including TTN and Others) rely on a spoke and wheel configuration, with a central hub or access point providing inter-connectivity, X-Mesh behaves more like the web of a spider, connecting directly, dynamically and non-heirachirly to any and all other points. This comes straight from trends seen in modern in Machine Learning an AI and for the Trekkies out there, not unlike the “Borg” collective.

X-Mesh effectively brings the role of the gateway into the mesh itself, meaning that we no longer have to rely on a single point of failure. i.e The gateway is directly embedded into the mesh. The result? because the gateway/access point is part of the whole system, then the overall mesh becomes stronger. Users can choose to nominate as many, or few X-Mesh nodes to provide internet connectivity as required, meaning the system can support anywhere from one to literally thousands of nodes in a single mesh.

What about transient devices?

Messages sent by battery operated nodes that cycle on and offline will be accepted by the mesh, acknowledged, and then sent back to sleep, providing an effective way of protecting and preserving battery life. The address of these nodes are stored in mesh’s collective memory for instant recall and re-transmit. All other devices create a permanent mesh and open connectivity to all other nodes. As with all AlphaX IoT nodes and devices, up to 240 physical and virtual channels can be registered, meaning the possibilities are endless.