Published On: April 7th, 2021Last Updated: July 6th, 2021Categories: Product Announcement

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Virtual Channels allows users to create complex data streams from multiple data sources. These streams could be, for example, overall equipment efficiencies and plant availability to MTBF and calculated machine health indexes.

The feature accepts inputs from sensors and other live data sources, and provides a simple user interface for creating the real time outputs. Users add calculation stages and mix operators and aggregations to produce the output they need.

Virtual channels can be used the same ways as any other data stream in AlphaX such as populating dashboards and graphs, making predictions and triggering. Anything you can do with data in AlphaX, you can do with Virtual channels says Minnovation technologies founder and CEO Simon Maselli. “empowering users to create new and valuable data streams based on any input opens up unlimited possibilities”.

The feature, included in all AlphaX subscriptions, has been designed from the ground up. “we thought about every aspect of this feature to ensure our customers got the ultimate data creation tool. The feature actually recalculates every time data is ingested into AlphaX and those streams can then be piped system wide.”

Maselli reports “users started using this feature the moment we released the closed beta and it has been growing in popularity since”

The feature is on an aggressive roadmap. The company plans to simplify the user interface, making a complex feature even easier to use. Following the UI improvements are plans to add more complex mathematical functions and additional aggregations.

You can organise a demo of virtual channels by reaching out to our support team.

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