City of Casey Public LoRaWAN Network

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The City of Casey, in collaboration with Minnovation Technologies, has successfully implemented a comprehensive public LoRaWAN network, marking a significant step in enhancing community connectivity and data-driven decision-making. This case study provides an overview of the network’s design, coverage, maintenance, and the strategic partnership between the City of Casey and Minnovation Technologies.


Minnovation Technologies, in partnership with the City of Casey, has developed a robust public LoRaWAN network. This initiative is a testament to the commitment of both entities to leverage advanced technology for the betterment of community services.

Network Design and Coverage

The network was meticulously designed to cover approximately 85% of the populated areas in the City of Casey. This extensive coverage ensures that a significant portion of the community can benefit from the network’s capabilities. The gateways, strategically placed at various public sporting facilities, are a critical component of this infrastructure, ensuring widespread and efficient data transmission.

Network Maintenance and Reliability

Minnovation Technologies is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the network. Through diligent management, the network has consistently maintained over 97% uptime, ensuring reliable service for the community. The importance of network reliability cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts the effectiveness of the data collected and the services provided.

Solar-Powered Gateways

In line with sustainable practices, the gateways are solar-powered and self-contained. This design not only reduces the environmental impact but also ensures consistent operation without reliance on external power sources. The placement of these gateways on public infrastructure further exemplifies the integration of this network into the community’s fabric.

Extending The Things Network Coverage

This network contributes to the expansion of The Things Network coverage in Australia. By integrating into this global network, the City of Casey enhances its technological footprint and joins a wider community of IoT-enabled cities.


The partnership between Minnovation Technologies and the City of Casey exemplifies how technology can be harnessed to serve the community effectively. The LoRaWAN network not only improves local services but also positions the City of Casey as a leader in smart city initiatives.


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This article highlights the collaborative efforts and technical expertise that have gone into creating a network that is both sustainable and community-centric, setting a precedent for future smart city projects.

Editors Note on Network Upgrade

In 2022, the network underwent a significant upgrade to improve both reliability and compatibility with a wider range of LoRaWAN devices. This upgrade was a crucial step in ensuring the network’s long-term viability and adaptability to evolving technological standards.

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