Project Description

The City of Casey identified that a LoRaWAN network was required to help them deliver their digital transformation strategy and help drive entrepreneurship and innovation within the local business community.

The municipality covered 400^2Km including urbanised areas, farming areas and the area boasts one of the fastest growth rates in Australia.

The region is home to the Westfield Fountain Gate shopping center, the Cranbourne Racing club and the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens among other attractions.

The council had implemented small scale smart city projects but had little experience implementing large scale IoT infrastructure.

The City of Casey partnered with Minnovation to connect over 95% of the region with TTN (The Things Network) coverage. TTN, the freely available wireless data network, provides the infrastructure that’s needed to power Smart Homes, Smart Cities and Smart Workplaces.

Managing Director of Minnovation Simon Maselli says “this is a game changer for businesses and agriculture in Casey, reducing the time to deploy and the costs associated with deploying sensors in their businesses and homes.”. “We are providing free access for over 300,000 residents and 400 square Kilometers.”

In total 11 AlphaX gateway devices cover the Casey region, with 2 trial locations having been in operation since July 2018.

The gateway devices are completely self-powered and standalone, removing the reliance for external services. The self contained Gateways are solar powered and have 4G cellular backhaul.

The gateways are fully compliant with The Things Network protocol each having 8 full channels of up and downlink transmission.

This enables the local community to crowd source technical solutions to their problems by leveraging the thousands of global users.

Transmission is enhanced by a +12 dBi long range antenna providing up to 5-10 Km (1-2.5km in Dense Urban Environments) communication range in each direction.

The partnership between M innovation and the City of Casey is a strong one, with the team winning a joint prize at the 2018 Victorian AIIA iAwards for Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Innovation of the Year.

“Partnerships like ours provide innovative outcomes for the whole community” says Maselli.

The benefits allow the council to add on additional smart city projects including condition monitoring of landfill gas monitoring equipment, smart bins and pedestrian counting projects.

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