Project Description

This case study delves into the collaboration between Minnovation Technologies, the Regional City of Mildura, adjacent councils, and various partners, including local trades, in establishing an advanced Internet of Things (IoT) network. Highlighting Minnovation’s role in deploying, integrating, and maintaining IoT sensors, this project demonstrates a multifaceted approach to smart city development in a regional context through partnerships, data aggregation and technological innovation.


The partnership between Minnovation Technologies and the Regional City of Mildura, along with Buloke, Gannawarra, and Swan Hill councils, represents a progressive step towards integrating smart city technology. This initiative, which also involves collaboration with local trades, academic institutions, and government funding, signifies a comprehensive model for enhancing municipal operations using IoT.

Minnovation’s Role and Collaborative Network

Minnovation Technologies provided the expertise and technology for the project, utilising its AlphaX Cloud IoT platform for sensor deployment and integration across multiple municipalities. The company’s commitment extends to the ongoing maintenance of the system, ensuring its operational efficiency and reliability. This technological undertaking was bolstered by a network of collaborations, including local trades like Laser Electrical, whose local knowledge was crucial in the physical installation and maintenance of the IoT devices.

Project Overview and Funding

The 12-month Smart Cities project, funded by the State Government’s Regional Digital Plan, aimed to use IoT technology to streamline municipal operations. The project involved the installation of 46 trial devices in the participating council areas, with a focus on:

  • People counters in public facilities.
  • Water depth sensors in pumping stations.
  • Sensors in public litter bins.
  • Soil moisture monitors for public ovals.
Mayor Liam Wood’s Perspective

Mildura’s Mayor Liam Wood highlighted the project’s significance, stating, “The collaboration with Minnovation and local trades like Laser Electrical has propelled our region into the forefront of the smart city revolution. This is a prime example of how technological advancement can be harnessed to elevate operational efficiency and community service quality.”.”It is incredibly exciting that the Mallee is joining the Smart Cities revolution,” Cr Wood said.

Data Aggregation and Governance

Minnovation Technologies, in partnership with local trades, ensured the effective aggregation and management of data, addressing challenges such as data security, technical compatibility, and governance. This was achieved through a comprehensive framework that facilitated collaboration, effective data utilization, and management across the councils.

Involvement of Local Trades

The involvement of local trades, particularly Laser Electrical, was pivotal in the project’s execution. Their on-ground expertise in electrical and communication systems enabled the successful deployment and ongoing maintenance of the IoT sensors, ensuring that the technological infrastructure was robust and reliable.

Outcomes and Impact

The project’s outcomes were multifaceted, including:

  • Enhanced capacity for identifying trends and managing defects.
  • Streamlined long-term planning and comparative analysis between municipalities.
  • More informed and accurate policy-making decisions.
  • Automated alerts for operational efficiency and cost-effective resource management.
Extending Global Network into Regional Victoria

A crucial element of this smart city project, is the implementation of LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) technology. This deployment represents an extension of The Things Network (TTN) into regional Victoria, contributing to the global network’s expansion and enhancing device connectivity in the area.

Sustainability and Community Engagement

A key focus of the project was sustainability and community engagement. The use of solar-powered sensors and the involvement of local trades underscored a commitment to environmental sustainability and local economic support. This approach fostered community involvement and awareness, enhancing the overall impact of the project.


This extensive collaboration between Minnovation Technologies, the Regional City of Mildura, participating councils, local trades like Laser Electrical, academic partners, and government funding bodies exemplifies an effective and comprehensive approach to smart city development. The case study demonstrates the transformative impact of IoT technology in municipal management, setting a benchmark for future initiatives in the field.


Minnovation Technologies
Mallee Councils IoT Project – Mildura Rural City Council
Laser Electrical
La Trobe University
Sunraysia Institute of TAFE
State Government Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions’ Regional Digital Plan

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