Sports Field Monitoring System at Jubilee Park, Frankston

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In a bid to enhance the management and utilization of Jubilee Park‘s sports oval, Frankston City Council implemented an advanced Sports Field Monitoring System by AlphaX. The system features a dual-camera setup attached to the sporting pavilion, which monitors the oval and provides valuable insights into its usage patterns. This case study explores the installation, functionality, and impact of the system on park management.

Installation and Setup

The installation of the Sports Field Monitoring System was completed efficiently within a single day. The setup included mounting two cameras on the sporting pavilion to cover the entire oval. Following the hardware installation, the software setup and reporting configuration took a few additional days. In total, the time from installation to actionable insights was less than a week, showcasing the system’s quick deployment capabilities.

Functionality and Features

The core functionality of the system revolves around its ability to divide the oval into grids and monitor activity within each grid. When individuals enter a grid, the system tracks the amount of time they spend there. This data is then compiled into a comprehensive heatmap, overlaid onto the oval, providing a visual representation of usage intensity. Key metrics such as the number of visitors and duration of use in each grid are also recorded as well as metrics on the whole oval.

Monthly reports generated by the system are sent to the facility managers, offering detailed insights into the oval’s utilization. Additionally, this data is shared on Frankston’s open data platform, promoting transparency and community engagement.

Key features include:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Tracks activity within designated grids in real-time.
  • Heatmap Visualization: Provides a visual representation of high and low usage areas on the oval.
  • Usage Metrics: Collects data on the number of visitors and time spent in each grid.
  • Monthly Reports: Sends detailed usage reports to facility managers.
  • Open Data Sharing: Publishes usage data on an open data platform for public access.


The Sports Field Monitoring System has brought several significant benefits to Jubilee Park:

  • Optimized Maintenance: Identifying high-traffic areas helps in planning targeted maintenance, ensuring the oval remains in excellent condition.
  • Enhanced Resource Management: Understanding usage patterns aids in the efficient allocation of resources such as water and manpower.
  • Increased Safety and Security: Detecting usage outside designated hours helps in maintaining the safety and security of the facility.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Monthly reports and real-time data enable informed decision-making by facility managers.
  • Community Engagement: Sharing data on the open platform fosters transparency and allows the community to stay informed about park usage.

Future Expansion

Frankston City Council plans to expand the monitoring system to capture more diverse uses of the oval, such as jogging and dog walking. This expansion will provide a more comprehensive understanding of how the oval is utilized, further enhancing management practices. The system’s ability to detect activity outside of designated hours will continue to play a crucial role in ensuring the oval’s utilisation by the whole community.


The implementation of the Sports Field Monitoring System at Jubilee Park has been a resounding success, providing valuable insights into field usage and enabling data-driven management. With plans for future expansion, the system promises to deliver even greater benefits, ensuring Jubilee Park remains a well-maintained and optimally utilised community asset.

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