Project Description

The Mildura Regional Council, in collaboration with Minnovation Technologies, successfully implemented a cutting-edge portable video analytics system during the Show and Shine Easter Event at Mildura. This annual event, attracting tens of thousands to showcase a variety of vehicles, posed significant challenges in crowd management and safety. The council’s innovative approach, utilising solar-powered video analytics technology, effectively monitored population density, demographics, and enforced safety limits without the need for additional staff. This case study exemplifies the effective use of modern technology in public event management and highlights its potential application in similar scenarios across Australia.

Collaboration and Development

The collaboration between Mildura Regional Council and Minnovation Technologies was pivotal in addressing the unique challenges of managing a large public event. The development process focused on creating a portable, efficient, and easy-to-deploy system capable of handling the complexities of a crowded and dynamic environment. The system’s design was a result of meticulous research and development, ensuring it met the specific needs of the event while being adaptable for future applications.

Deployment and Technology

The deployed system comprised a trailer-mounted video analytics setup, powered by solar panels, ensuring sustainability and mobility. It includes dual high-definition 4K cameras and an advanced Nvidia GPU processing unit. This setup enabled real-time monitoring of the event, providing insights into population density, visitor demographics, and movement patterns. The technology’s versatility allowed for the detection of a wide array of objects and subjects, including vehicles, pedestrians, and over 80 different entities like horses, cats, and dogs.

Impact and Future Applications

The implementation of this system at the Mildura event proved highly successful. It demonstrated the effectiveness of portable video analytics in managing public safety and enhancing the event experience. The success of this project has garnered attention from other councils in Australia, considering its adoption for their events. The case aligns with the Victorian State Government Department of Jobs, Precincts, and Regions’ Regional Digital Plan, showcasing how digital innovation can significantly contribute to regional development.

Portability and Ease of Use

One of the system’s key features was its portability and ease of deployment. Designed to be set up by a single person within minutes, it provided a practical solution for event management, minimizing setup time and resource allocation. This aspect was crucial in ensuring the system’s adaptability to various event scenarios, making it a versatile tool for different council needs.


The case of the Show and Shine Easter Event in Mildura serves as a testament to the effectiveness of collaborative innovation in regional event management. The portable video analytics system, developed by Minnovation Technologies in partnership with the Mildura Regional Council, stands as a benchmark for modern, efficient, and sustainable event monitoring solutions. It highlights the potential of such technologies in enhancing public safety, operational efficiency, and overall event experience, paving the way for broader adoption across Australia.


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