Project Description

The City of Glen Eira had plans to develop the Bentleigh Plaza Site, following the adoption of the Bentleigh Structure Plan 2018-2031 in 2018.

The project “Bentleigh Eat Street” envisages a pedestrian-friendly mall area with outdoor seating, activated by cafes, restaurants and bars.

They’re also redesigning the existing rotunda and road configurations of Vickery Street to add depth to the linear retail strip.

The council wants the new Eat Street to be an inviting green space with large canopy trees and outdoor seating.

They’re aiming to grow Bentleigh’s emerging cafe and restaurant culture, which supports an increased retail presence.

The City of Glen Eira installed 12 X1 Infrared People counters in the area to tack the utilisation of the area pre-development.

These sensors have been installed at various locations within the space to ensure that accurate people movements are recorded.

It is also important for the council to understand how people are moving through the area, so the positioning of the sensors was chosen to provide insight into these details as well.

The sensors anonymously collect information about the number of people passing through the area and transmit that data via the LoRaWAN network in the municipality to the AlphaX Cloud platform.

The platform aggregates the data and provides the council with data science tools to view their movements in both time series and spatial views.

The council also forwards this data into their Azure data lake for more detailed analysis and reporting.

The data can be displayed in a digital twin within the AlphaX Cloud environment that can be embedded into public facing websites for public knowledge and feedback to further aid in redevelopment plans.

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