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In an ambitious move to enhance community services and environmental monitoring, the City of Moonee Valley, in partnership with Minnovation Technologies, has implemented a comprehensive public LoRaWAN network. This case study delves into the strategic deployment of 10 gateways across the municipality, which has not only extended The Things Network’s coverage in Australia but also significantly improved the city’s capability to monitor micro weather patterns. The initiative, marked by a striking 99.9% uptime since its inception in December 2022, exemplifies the council’s commitment to leveraging technology for public good.


The City of Moonee Valley, known for its innovative approaches to urban management, collaborated with Minnovation Technologies to deploy a City-wide public LoRaWAN network. This network is a crucial step in advancing the city’s smart infrastructure, particularly in the realm of environmental monitoring and data integration.

Deployment of LoRaWAN Network

Minnovation Technologies strategically placed 10 gateways throughout Moonee Valley. These gateways are solar-powered, self-contained units, mounted on council-owned buildings and structures, ensuring minimal environmental impact and high energy efficiency. This deployment was meticulously planned to maximise coverage, making the network accessible to a wide public audience.

Monitoring Micro Weather Patterns

A key application of this network is in monitoring micro weather patterns across Moonee Valley. Weather stations connected to the network gather data on various environmental parameters. This information is seamlessly integrated into the council’s systems, allowing for real-time monitoring and analysis alongside other data trends.

Data Integration and Analysis

The data collected through this network offers invaluable insights into local climate conditions. It enables the council to make informed decisions regarding urban planning, environmental policies, and emergency responses to weather-related events. The integration of this data with other municipal systems fosters a comprehensive understanding of the city’s environmental health.

Network Management and Maintenance

Minnovation Technologies manages and maintains the network with a focus on reliability and efficiency. The gateways have maintained an impressive uptime of over 99.9%** since deployment (**as of 3 Jan 2024). Regular maintenance and updates ensure the network’s robust performance and adaptability to evolving technological needs.

Environmental and Community Benefits

The project stands out for its environmental consciousness and community-centered approach. The solar-powered gateways reduce the carbon footprint, aligning with the city’s sustainability goals. For the community, this initiative translates into better-informed city services, enhanced environmental awareness, and participation in a globally recognised IoT network.


The partnership between the City of Moonee Valley and Minnovation Technologies in deploying a public LoRaWAN network is a pioneering example of how technology can be harnessed for public benefit. This network not only extends The Things Network coverage in Australia but also sets a benchmark in municipal environmental monitoring and data-driven decision-making.


Minnovation Technologies Website
The Things Network Australia
City of Moonee Valley – Official Site

This case study serves as an informative guide for CTOs and executive-level staff in government organizations, illustrating the practical benefits of IoT implementations in public service and community engagement.

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