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This case study explores the partnership between the City of Glen Eira and Minnovation Technologies in establishing a LoRaWAN network. It focuses on the network’s design, its strategic placement for optimal connectivity in key areas, its maintenance by Minnovation, and the significant impact it has on local services like water utilisation monitoring and pedestrian counting.


The collaboration between Minnovation Technologies and the City of Glen Eira has led to the development of a specialized LoRaWAN network. This project is a significant stride in enhancing connectivity and data collection in the municipality.

Network Design and Coverage

The design of the LoRaWAN network is specifically tailored to provide connectivity to key areas in the City of Glen Eira. This includes the Bentleigh shopping district and train station, the Caulfield Horse Racing Precinct, and the Bentleigh sporting complex. The strategic placement of this network ensures that these vital areas remain well-connected, facilitating efficient data transmission.

Network Maintenance and Uptime

Minnovation Technologies is responsible for the maintenance of this network, ensuring its continuous operation. The network boasts an impressive uptime of over 99%, a testament to the rigorous maintenance and monitoring practices employed by Minnovation.

Gateway Placement and Infrastructure

The gateways, crucial for the network’s operation, are mounted on public infrastructure, including sporting facilities and council buildings. This placement not only ensures optimal coverage but also integrates the network seamlessly into the community’s existing structures.

Impact on Local Services

The network has been instrumental in providing connectivity for sensors monitoring water utilization at drinking fountains and pedestrian traffic in the Bentleigh shopping district. This connectivity allows for real-time data collection, aiding the city council in making informed decisions about resource management and urban planning.

Extending The Things Network Coverage

This initiative extends The Things Network’s coverage in Australia, contributing to the broader network of IoT-enabled cities and communities across the nation and more broadly across the globe.


The partnership between Minnovation Technologies and the City of Glen Eira is a prime example of how targeted technological solutions can significantly enhance local government services. The LoRaWAN network not only improves connectivity but also provides essential data that aids in the effective management of city resources.


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This case study illustrates the successful implementation of a LoRaWAN network in a municipal setting, highlighting the benefits of such initiatives in terms of connectivity, data-driven decision-making, and overall community service enhancement.

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