Xvision Scope Template

This form acts as a template for video analytics solutions delivered by Minnovation. The aim is to provide a standardised approach to delivering projects to make implementation easier for Minnovation and the customer and analysis and understanding of the data more consistent for end users.

Project Information

Provide as much relevant information as you have available. In particular it important to list the information about the project requirements and scope.

Technical Information

Line Counts

Line counting works by recording the number and direction of objects crossing a pre-determined (imaginary) line. For example when you want to count how many vehicles travel north/south on a road.

Regions of Interest

Region of interest works by counting when the object enters into the region of interest. For example when you want to count when a bicycle enters a footpath region.

Object Types

Object types are the classes of objects that are counted when they cross a line or enter a region.

Standard Objects *
Most common object types.
Pro Objects
Less common object types

Note: Labels on the object types are the labels you will find in the dataset and on AlphaX. Please specify alternate labels in the other information section below if you need them to be changed.

Other Details

Special Analysis
Select Pro Max Analysis Types
Upload hand drawn sketch, Google maps markup, etc for more information..