Published On: November 22nd, 2017Last Updated: April 16th, 2021Categories: Articles, Company News, Utility Management System

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Minnovation reaches major milestone, 100 Million data points assessed and counting…

Minnovation has announced that on the 15-11-2017 at 04:18:06AM, the company surpassed 100 million data points.

The data is a collection of simulation/predictive, asset performance, and streaming sensor information and are represented in large by our growing industrial and government client base.

Minnovation’s investment into artificial intelligence and automated software have added significant capability, providing rapid assessment and more accurate predictions then has previously been possible.

“Over 70% of the reported data has been analysed in the past 12 months” reports Minnovation’s Managing Director, Simon Maselli. “Until the middle of 2017, we were still collecting and processing data manually. Today, thanks to the help of our AlphaX platform, we are capable of handling thousands of data points per second.”

Minnovation’s other investments include a IoT R&D facility located in Melbourne’s South East, complete with an on-site Micro Data Centre. Mr Maselli says “Our onsite Data Centre is highly secure and not exposed to the general public. it’s perfect for analysing data of a highly sensitive or critical nature. We also believe in our people, who have worked smarter to achieve this milestone”.

The company plans to continue its investment into Artificial Intelligence and streaming analytics. Mr Maselli says “If current trends continue, we anticipate analysing our one billionth data point sometime in between 2019 & 2020.”