Melbourne Smart City Solution Nominated for AIIA iAward

AlphaX AI providing benefit for Melbourne Smart Cities M innovation’s Artificial Intelligence package “Asset Genie” is helping the City of Casey, Victoria’s most populous municipality, be one of Melbourne Smart Cities and has been nominated for the AIIA iAwards – Australia’s longest-running innovation recognition program. The annual awards, run by the [...]

Ground Vibration Monitoring: How Does It Work?

IoT providing effective ground vibration monitoring. Smart Cities are using wireless vibration sensors to protect people, buildings and machinery from underground drilling. The impact of ground vibration during underground drilling is a global concern, with Melbourne coming under the spotlight recently due to planned tunnelling for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel. Early next [...]

Wireless Vibration Sensors | Our New Accelerometer Range

Industry shake-up: accelerometers with wireless vibration sensors. Noise and vibrations near a railway line, construction site or factory can be headache-inducing or just plain annoying to contend with on a daily basis. However, as any site manager would know, ground vibrations are carefully managed to adhere to standards (both Australian and [...]

Wireless Vibration Sensors | Monitor Human Comfort With IoT

Automate human comfort monitoring with wireless vibration sensors. Working on an offshore rig in the North Sea sounds pretty adventurous and arduous. There’s the isolation, the cold and stormy weather, and the cramped conditions. While the 12-hour shifts are long, the living and working environments in such remote locations have improved [...]