Published On: May 15th, 2019Last Updated: April 16th, 2021Categories: Articles, Digital Transformation

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We are heading towards the era of automated technology where from aeroplanes to cars to industrial machines, everything is becoming automatic using cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. The manufacturing industry is now realising the potential of Industrial Automation and you can see more and more robots and automated machines are handling complex tasks with perfection and precision.

Here are five benefits for your industry if you shift to Total Automation.

High Productivity: Humans are good in creativity and decision making but they can’t work for long hours. Industrial Automation with the power of IIoT helps you achieve nearly 100% production time even during repairs, maintenance and on holidays. It makes possible to have 365 days a year up-time for production.

High Flexibility: Humans can also work with precision but for that, they need rigorous training however an automated machine only needs an efficient algorithm, after that, it can run forever producing at speeds faster than manual power. It is also easy to add new procedures and processes with automation which gives you the satisfaction in relation to the flexibility of operations.

Increase in Human Safety: High flexibility and increased production help you gaining huge profits but safety is the foremost priority for any industry because humans are not a machine, they are vulnerable to accidents and human life is more precious than any profit. For this Automation will do all the dangerous work for you so that you can have humans working in a safer environment reducing all the possible work hazards such as exposure to unhealthy chemicals, physically tiring tasks, poor air quality, heavy items and extreme temperature.

Improves Efficiency: With great speed and high precision, Automation provides you with an efficient style of production that runs for 24/7 and collects data in real-time to improve the operation by learning from historical insights and analysis. Artificial Intelligence develops new methods and models to complete a task, which no human can think of. Automation monitors the whole operation in real-time and performs changes when required, to maintain the quality of the work.

Improves Manufacturing: You not only get the perks of human safety and higher efficiency but Automation helps you in improving the manufacturing in your industry. Technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Data analysis helps in not only automating your manufacturing process but also in fine-tuning it and achieving the accuracy to an extent what human workers can never achieve.