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utilities – Utility Monitoring System

Ask anyone who manages utilities and they will tell you that they are frustrated by the seperate utility monitoring systems they need to access their water, gas, electricity, air and even steam utilisation data.

utilities solves that problem by being a complete, unified, utility monitoring system that collects, benchmarks and improves resource utilisation. It has both hardware and software to connect, collect and aggregate data from meters, other vendor systems and regulatory bodies. It truly brings all of your utility data into one place.

The system is powered by IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to provide long range telemetry and cloud based access so you can access your utility monitoring system from anywhere at anytime. As the system works, the built in AI (Artificial Intelligence) learns your consumption baseline, and uses this information to provide powerful predictions and timely notifications.

Typical savings are 5% to 10%.

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Make any meter a Smart meter

Connect thousands of meters from hundreds of manufacturers

Remove the need to manually read meters. It doesn’t matter if the meter is a simple mechanical counter, electro-mechanical, or even a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) or hard-wired SCADA system. utilities has the capability to make any meter a smart meter.


Leveraging the AlphaX hardware range, utilities can connect to literally thousands of water, air, gas, electricity and steam meters and provide wireless telemetry into AlphaX Cloud.


It’s simply a matter of talking to us to find the best solution for you.

Aggregate All of Your Utilities Data

Create insight by combining vendor data

Forget about trying to wrestle with spreadsheets and custom SQL from multiple vendors. utilities aggregates your utility data in real-time, providing a seamless interface to see just how much water, gas and electricity you’re using across sites, across states or even across countries at anytime of any day.

utilities adds the ability to combine feeds from multiple vendors and multiple platforms into one unified stream. The aggregations are built using a plugin style architecture, so you only install the plugins you need, reducing the overall cost and complexity of unifying your data.

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Utilities at a Glance

Monitor your water, air, gas, electricity and steam performance

Screenshot of the AlphaX Cloud software unified Utilities interface

“Utilities at a glance” is a core concept of the utilities system. We believe in the ability to see the way your utilities are performing from an overall company or site level, all the way down to the individual sub-meter.

utilities algorithms makes monitoring your meters as simple as watching the stock exchange, up 11 points today, down 20 points on last week. When combined with  simple red/green colour coding it makes it even easier to view what needs your attention and what doesn’t.

Talk to one of our team to get a live demo of Utilities at a Glance in action.

Fanantical support

We care about our products

There is nothing worse than when a system goes wrong. And let’s be honest – from time to time things don’t go as planned and that’s when you need support.


At M innovation we are passionate about our products and care about supporting the products we create. Jump on the phone 1300 916 082 for our 24/7 support line or visit our support HQ for the answers.


We care about supporting our products and we care about you.

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