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The Asset Genie for Smart Cities

An automated system for optimising the delivery of asset management services


Without a doubt, rate capping is the biggest challenge facing local government today.

In response, the Asset Genie utilises algorithms for optimising service delivery and forecasting the impact of policy and funding changes on the asset management and capital works functions for up to 50 years and beyond.

The results? The system identifies millions of dollars in savings and performance improvements each year across asset management and capital works programs.

Real Time Optimisation

Advanced AI optimising your programs in real time


The Asset Genie is a set of algorithms that monitors your asset management and capital works programs and optimises delivery in real time. As each work order is closed it updates the algorithms to provide an optimised model for service delivery.


The system integrates into your existing asset management and/or financial systems and can be interfaced with Power BI, Tableau and other BI tools to create powerful visuals aids to help staff make data driven decisions with transparency.

Status at a Glance

All of your assets ranked, in a single view

The Asset Genie provides Status-at-a-Glance views for ranking your asset performance right from your existing data. Visualise problem assets and stamp out poor performers using powerful BI aids. Status-at-a-Glance is a powerful view for allocating tasks according to urgency and distributing your resources based on need and criticality. Eliminate guesswork using Status-at-a-Glance.


Know when and where to allocate your resources

AlphaX-Apple-Devices trans

Pro-Ject provides a combined geographic and timeline view for determining the optimal “when and where” for resource allocations. Pro-Ject helps planners develop optimised work bundles – months in advance, so that the right resources can be sent to the right location and complete multiple work orders, in record time. Studies show that planning in this way can reduce work order costs by up to 700%!


Director level dashboard to help define policies and set budgets

The Asset Genie comes with a predefined dashboard that include the 5 Levers for Asset Management. Simply drag the slider left or right to indicate the policy or funding allocations and the system will calculate the impact in real time. Extend a building’s life by 5 years and watch what would happen to the total cost of ownership. Increase spending by $1M next year and see how that would affect your capital replacements program.

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