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At Minnovation we are challenging the way you think about your environment. Driven by smart devices that are backed with the latest machine learning and data science technologies, your smart environment will be clean, healthy and safe. The critically acclaimed AlphaX IoT engine will keep you informed of growth cycles, pollution and potentially dangerous events before they occur, and when considered alongside our innovative financing and cost models, partnering with Minnovation is a logical choice.

It doesn’t matter how advanced your smart environment is, Minnovation has something to advance your smart environment program. We help you to make the process of managing your smart environment a simple and more enjoyable experience.

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Bush Fire Detection

Monitoring of combustion gases and preemptive fire conditions to define alert zones Bush Fire Detection Sensors are an integral part of a Smart Environment program. These Sensors detect fire, the “Occupied” status is sent to the cloud based analytics engine and the status can be viewed via the web or mobile app.

The sensors are simple, highly durable, wireless and completely independent, meaning no intermediate gateways or devices. These maintenance free devices have a battery life of between 5-10 Years

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Air Pollution Sensor

Air Pollution Monitoring sensor controls CO2 emissions of factories, pollution emitted by cars and toxic gases generated by various manufacturing facilities. Monitoring air pollution with Eco-safe device is simple and cost effective due to it is features of wireless communication, which make the deployment of a sensor network to operate for years easy and fast. Solar panels can recharge the batteries, ensuring a virtually perpetual operation. Finally, the GPRS module ensures data communication at all times while allows to send SMS alerts according to defined thresholds.

Sensor networks deployed may consist of heterogeneous sensor, thus using the same network to monitor environmental pollution, as described above ultraviolet radiation, park and garden irrigation management and even detect forest fires.

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Rain Level Monitoring

Monitoring Rain is an important part of Smart Cities Management. The AlphaX rain monitor allows engineers and planners to monitor the flow of rain across their city and ensure that it is managed in the best possible way. These sensors that we are using are connected wirelessly and use a very secure network to transfer data to the servers. Get your highly efficient and low maintenance devices today.

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Landslide and Avalanche Prevention

Eco-safe devices monitor soil moisture, vibrations and earth density to detect dangerous patterns in land conditions. We use analytical algorithms to predict whether or not there is going to be a landslide in the near future. This can save lives

The Eco-safe Landslide and Avalanche prevention sensors are cheap, easy to install and having a cloud based early warning system. The sensors are set to monitor at various intervals, send the data back to a server, and continuously calculate the differences in readings. This allow them to predict the distance of landslide within a claimed of 2mm of accuracy. And, best of all, once the movement exceeds tolerated levels the system sends texts to let people know a slide is coming.

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Kickstart your Smart Environment Program

Accelerate your smart environment program with the high-impact smart environment partnership program. Available to the first 50 eligible organisations, the smart partnership program provides the 4 weeks of device coverage and installation at no cost.

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