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M innovation are reinventing the way engineers think about solving problems. From leveraging powerful data centres to process complex engineering and scientific simulations to collecting asset data in real-time to predict reliability and maintenance events, Industry 4.0 is changing the engineering world.

It doesn’t matter how advanced your engineering program is, M innovation’s range of smart engineering services has something for you. We help you to make the process of managing engineering a simpler and more enjoyable experience.

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Introducing the AlphaX Asset Monitoring system

The most advanced IoT engine ever imagined

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computational Fluid Dynamics aka CFD is the ultimate tool for understanding the way fluids and gases react to the real world. M innovation has experience with studying fluid dynamics with everything from simple air flows through to complex combustion related problems.

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Finite Element Analysis

M innovation are experts at performing advanced finite element analysis to help engineers determine if their products and structures will work, operate and fail in the way they were designed.

From examining simple static through to complex dynamic situations such as vibration or simulated impacts, Finite Element Analysis is the perfect tool to study physical objects that are too big, too complex or too expensive to test physically.

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Designing for Six Sigma

Designing for Six Sigma (DFSS) builds intentional quality into your products. By assessing the variations that a product undergoes during its manufacture and use, it is possible to optimise a product that performs its intended function optimally regardless of these variations. This type of design is considered a “robust” product. Design for Six Sigma is also sometimes referred to as Robust Design.

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Accelerate your Industry 4.0 Journey

Accelerate your journey by partnering with an award winning team. From monitoring assets through to optimising products and designs, M innovation are the ultimate partner for your Industry 4.0 transformation.

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