• MHM4 is a universal device for connecting sensors to the internet. 1 Model, thousands of Sensors;  The one-size-fits-all device for connecting any sensor, to any network.
  • X1 Surface Temperature is a compact, low-power and highly precise temperature sensor to measure the external temperature of pipes and equipment.
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    X1 Temperature and Humidity is a highly reliable combined sensor for measuring both temperature and relative humidity.
    • Monitoring Comfort Levels in Building
    • Digital temperature & humidity monitoring
    • Monitoring HVAC Performance
    • Measuring Dampness and Wetness
  • X1 Mechanical Vibration Back View X1 Mechanical Vibration Front View
    X1 Vibration is a small, low-power and highly reliable vibration sensor for industrial and mechanical vibration monitoring.
  • X1 Pressure Bottom View X1 Pressure Front View
    X1 Pressure is a highly reliable sensor for measuring the pressure of Inert Gases and Liquids.
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    X1 PIR Multi features innovative multi-directional passive infrared sensing elements which can be used to track multiple people and their direction of movement.
    • Detect multiple people and their direction
    • Create two-dimensional detection zones
  • X1 Infrared People Counter Bottom View X1 Infrared People Counter
    X1 PIR Counter is a passive infrared sensor which can be used to track people in a designated area.
    • Count foot traffic in a designated area
    • Detect rodents and other small animals
    • Log after-hours usage
    • Measure utilisation of amenities
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    X1 People Counter is designed for anonymously tracking users smart devices - that can be carried across zones to track users movements.
    • Creates wifi and Bluetooth detection network
    • Counts people carry smart devices
    • Measure time people spent within the detection area
  • XTrack is a multi-network GNSS Glonass GPS with built-in accelerometer. Power with the vehicles 12v-24v power supply for realtime tracking or wake-up in case of theft from the built-in accelerometer.
  • X1 Air Quality Sensor Back AX AQi Air Quality Sensor
    X1 VOC is an integrated environment sensor to measure volatile organic compounds and ambient conditions for personal well being.
    • Detect potential Air Quality Health and Safety issues
    • Detect ambient environmental conditions
  • The AlphaX Xmesh LoRaWAN Gateway features the latest dual receiver LoRaWAN technology and is configurable in “mesh” mode for added redundancy in congested environments.

  • The AlphaX Xmesh Repeater Station extends an Xmesh network over long distances or in difficult line of sight applications.