• The X-Vision™ (ODC) Object Detection Camera is a standalone platform, designed to autonomously monitor, detect and report any object.

    Use Cases:
    • Counting People in Crowded Locations
    • Provide Demographic Data for People Detection
    • Monitor and Distinguish between Animals/Breeds
    • Vehicle Detection on Busy Intersections/Roads
    • Monitor Industrial Process for Anomalies and Defects
    • Screen for Dangerous items and Security Risks
  • X1 PIR Counter is a wide beam passive infrared sensor which can be used to track people entering a designated area.
  • X1 Smartphone People Counter Sensor is designed for anonymously tracking users smartphones, cellular and hands-free devices - without compromising personal details.
    Use Cases:
    • Number of people passing daily in a street
    • Average time of the stance of the people in a street
    • Differentiate between residents (daily matches) and visitants (sporadic matches)
    • Walking routes of people in shopping malls and average time in each area
    • Monitor in real time the number of vehicles passing for a certain point in highways and roads
    • Provide travel times on alternate routes when congestion is detected
  • X1 Infrared Grid People Counter Sensor  is a multi-directional thermal imaging sensor which can be used to track people and their direction of movement.

    Use Cases:
    • Directional People Detection
    • Determine utilisation of Designated areas
    • Calculate Dwell time in a Designated area.
    • Anonymous Temperature of People (COVID19 Response)