Machine Condition

  • The X-Vision™ (ODC) Object Detection Camera is a standalone platform, designed to autonomously monitor, detect and report any object.

    Use Cases:
    • Counting People in Crowded Locations
    • Provide Demographic Data for People Detection
    • Monitor and Distinguish between Animals/Breeds
    • Vehicle Detection on Busy Intersections/Roads
    • Monitor Industrial Process for Anomalies and Defects
    • Screen for Dangerous items and Security Risks
  • X1 Current Transformer Sensor is a way to remotely measure the amount of current being used in a wire and determine power usage. Use Cases:
    • Electricity Usage Monitoring
    • Solar Generation Monitoring
  • X1 Range Finder Sensor is a small, low-power Time-of-Flight(T.O.F), laser-ranging sensor for measuring the distance to objects. Outputs distance in mm.
  • X1 Mechanical Shock Sensor is a small, low-power and a highly reliable sensor for measuring shock from impacts, drops, kicks, earthquakes, or explosions
  • X1 Mechanical Vibration Sensor is a small, low-power and highly reliable vibration sensor for monitoring the condition of rotating equipment.