Environmental Monitoring

  • The Dust and Particulate Matter Sensor provides environmental monitoring for temperature, humidity and particular matter. Useful for monitoring levels of pollen or smoke. It Outputs pollution as PM1, PM2.5, PM10 as well as temperature and humidity and an Air Quality Index.

    Use Cases:
    • General Air Quality Monitoring
    • Monitoring Levels of Pollution and Dust
    • Early Fire Detection & Smoke Monitoring
    • Measuring Pollen and Asthma Storm Events
  • X1 Air Quality Sensor is a revolutionary state of art ElectroChemical sensor technology-based, highly accurate, low power and compact Respiratory Irritant Gases detecting sensor ideal for health, environmental, industrial and residential monitoring.  
  • X1 Ambient Conditions Sensor measures humidity, barometric pressure and ambient temperature.
    Use Cases:
    • Indoor Comfort Monitoring for Occupants
    • Hothouses and Greenhouse Monitoring
    • Commercial Food Storage Monitoring
  • X1 Atmospheric Conditions Sensor is an absolute barometric pressure and temperature sensor.

    Use Cases
    • Monitoring Atmospheric Conditions
    • Altitude Monitoring
    • Air Density Monitoring
  • X1 Ground Vibration Sensor is a small, low-power and a highly reliable sensor for measuring ground vibration from construction, earthworks, piling or demolition works.

    Use Cases:
    • Monitor Vibration in work/living environments for human comfort.
    • Monitor for local regulations and authority limits to ensure thresholds are not breached
    • Determine the potential effects to nearby buildings/structures during earthworks
    • Determine the effects to nearby structures & wildlife during blasting and drilling works.
  • X1 Indoor Air Quality Sensor is an integrated environment sensor to measure air quality, ambient conditions and volatile organic compounds in indoor environments. Use Cases:
    • Monitor Health and wellbeing of Building occupants
    • Detect Smoke and Fire
    • Indoor Comfort Monitoring
    • Airborne Pollutants and Contamination
  • X1 Bin Sensor is a smart IoT sensor that measures the remaining capacity of a rubbish bin using a state-of-the-art laser distance sensor.

    Use Cases:
    • Waste Management
    • Waste Monitoring
  • X1 Water Depth Sensor is a convenient way to remotely measure the depth of waterways, streams, and tanks.

    Use Cases:
    • Tank Level Monitoring
    • Monitoring Waterway and Catchments
    • Level of Rivers and Streams