X1 Indoor Environment

X1 Temperature and Humidity is a highly reliable combined sensor for measuring both temperature and relative humidity.
  • Monitoring Comfort Levels in Building
  • Digital temperature & humidity monitoring
  • Monitoring HVAC Performance
  • Measuring Dampness and Wetness


Product Details

X1 Indoor Environment sensor is a digital temperature and humidity sensor with a calibrated digital output. It is highly reliable and provides self-calibration and long-term stability due to the use of special temperature and humidity acquisition technology.

It consists of a capacitive moisture element and an integrated high-precision temperature sensor. It is battery operated, with 2 years of life and communicates wirelessly over LPWAN.

The X1 Indoor Environment Sensor is easy to fit with the included universal mounting bracket.

Features & Benefits

  • Tool-less installation, lightweight
  • Ultra-low-voltage operation
  • Wireless connection with LPWAN
  • Tough polycarbonate & aluminium construction
  • IP68 waterproof enclosure and UV protection
  • Manufacturer warranty with Minnovation


  • Digital temperature monitoring
  • Humidity monitoring
  • Sensor for HVAC systems

Security & Certifications

  • 256-bit SHA, MD5, DES, AES Encryption
  • CE, FCC, IC and RCM certified
  • CE 0700


  • IP68 rated waterproof casing
  • Aluminium and Polycarbonate construction
  • Size: Cylindrical 40mm (D) x 109mm (H)
  • RTC: Running at 32KHz
Relative Humidity
  • Range: 0 (min) to 99.9 (max) %RH
  • Accuracy: ±3 %Rh at 25 °C
  • Range: -40 (min) to 80 (max) °C
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C
  • Xtensa® dual–core 32–bit LX6 microprocessor(s), up to 600 DMIPS
  • Hardware floating point acceleration
  • Python multi–threading
  • RAM: 4MB
  • External flash: 8MB
LoRa Specification
  • Semtech LoRa transceiver SX1276
  • LoRaWAN stack
  • Class A and C devices
  • Node range: Up to 40km
LPWAN connectivity
  • X-Mesh**
  • LTE Cat-M1*

** Requires gateway for connectivity

* Service charges may be applicable.

Power options
  • Rechargeable 18650 LiPo Battery* ( 1 x 3400mAh batteries,3.6V operation)

*Estimated 2-year battery life at hourly measurement intervals.

Mounting options
  • Magnetic Mounting
  • Stud Mounting