Minnovation was established in 2013.

The company specialised in machine condition monitoring. Engineers from the company would travel to site, take physical measurements and then manually process and analyse it.

There are deficiencies in this model, including the manual requirement and lack of scalability. Founder Simon Maselli asked himself “is there a better way?” and immediately set out to find products on the market that could automate the process.

The market was filled with products, some highly spec’d and others lower priced but without a complete system. This did not solve the problem.

In 2015 Minnovation pivoted and AlphaX was born. The company developed the machine health monitor and sold it to their first customer. That customer immediately identified the value the product offered and fitted it to all of their critical machinery.

Fast forward to today and the company has grown their award winning portfolio of condition monitoring solutions, sensors, edge connectors, cloud software and embedded AI

AlphaX turns assets into a self-monitoring workforce

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