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Marine and Offshore

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The ultimate partner for your digital transformation offshore!

M innovation are reinventing the way the marine and offshore industry thinks about digital transformation. The company delivers a range of flexible IoT and M2M technologies that are built on industry standards. With features like unlimited tags and open architecture, we offer a different model of deploying technology that keeps you in control.

From monitoring machine health and vibration to monitoring air quality and safety, our range has something to help you take the next step on your digital transformation journey. Contact us to learn how easy it is to deploy these technologies on your vessel or platform.

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NEW: Plug and Play Vibration Monitoring Kit

The Machine Health Monitor plug and play vibration monitoring kit. Monitor engine health, passenger comfort or just about anything else that rattle and shakes!!

Human Comfort

When occupants can detect vibration in living quarters their quality of life and/or working efficiency is affected. Individuals can detect vibration values that are well below those that can cause any risk of damage to the facility or its contents and thus knowing exactly what those levels are is essential to managing workers health and wellbeing.

The Machine Health Monitor (MHM) loaded with the BS 6472 firmware, “Evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings (1–80 Hz)” , is the ultimate solution for monitoring human comfort on an offshore facility. By installing 1 or more vibration sensors in key locations, the MHM quietly monitors the comfort levels of workers and alerts key stakeholders when exposure limits are exceeded so you can pro-actively do something about it.

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