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The MHM4

The Most Advanced Machine Health Monitor

Our goal with the Machine Health Monitor was to engineer a low cost, rapidly deployable industrial IoT device that doesn’t compromise on quality. Complete with 240MHz ESP32 dual core micro controller, Tri-Band connectivity and measuring just 12 x 9 x 5.5 cm small, the Machine Health Monitor is our most powerful and most connected device ever. The ultimate device for staying connected to your operations, anywhere at any time.

Mhz 2 Core Processor
GB Onboard Storage
I/O Ports
Years Battery Life

Connect n’ Collect

1 device, 60+ sensors, endless possibilities

Connect and Collect, MHM 4 Port Model

Collecting data from your machines has never been easier. Choose from over 60 sensors, connect them to one of the 4 (or optional 8) ADC I/O ports and collect – it’s child’s play! The Machine Health Monitors ports accept M innovation’s industrial X sensor range or can be connected to scientific grade sensors for even the most sensitive applications. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Mega Storage

Massive onboard flash storage

Having enough storage is always a problem – that’s why we put a massive 32Gb’s of onboard flash storage on every device. Designed to support real-time broadcasts and HD video (720p and 1080p) with a minimum serial write speed of 10 MB/sec, the Machine Health Monitor’s high speed flash storage is capable of handling even the biggest of big data sets and can be upgraded to 64 or even 128Gb’s for even more storage.

Connect on Your Terms

Tri-Band connectivity on every device

Our Machine Health Monitor’s tri-band connectivity enables connectivity the way you like. Featuring the capability to communicate on all of the major cellular networks including LoRa, Sigfox or 4G LTE which are augmented by Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 16mbps and Bluetooth: low energy and classic modes. Struggling to find an easy way to connect is a thing of the past.

AlphaX Cloud AI

The most advanced industrial IoT engine ever imagined

Interface seamlessly with the AlphaX industrial IoT engine. Program real-time notifications and alerts with easy IFTT “If That Then This” logic. Complete with user definable artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies the AlphaX industrial IoT engine is the most advanced IoT platform ever imagined.

The Power to Perform

Multiple options to power your device

Choose to power the Machine Health Monitor by 240v Mains, Low Voltage 24 or 5v, solar or battery. The choice is yours depending on your location and the power that you have available. With battery options lasting up to 2 years and solar or 240v options for charging, your Machine Health Monitor will never run out of power.

Safe and Secure

Industry best security and communication standards

Everything your Machine Health Monitor does is protected by strong privacy and security features. That’s because we build data security into everything we make, right from the start. Built to meet IEEE 802.11 and industries toughest standards, the Machine Health Monitor is the safest and most secure device we’ve ever produced. With SSL/TLS support, WPS enterprise level security and an AES encryption engine, the Machine Health Monitor keeps your data in safe hands.

Edge Processing

Process data at the edge

Machine Health Monitor has built-in edge processing capability. With on-board intelligence that processes data on the fly, the Machine Health Monitor saves on expensive bandwidth by decentralising the processing function and enables organisations to harness latent capability locked in their idle devices.

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