Setup up AutoVA for Automated Vibration Analysis

Setup up AutoVA for Automated Vibration Analysis

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Auto VA possesses artificial intelligence and recommendation for the site and it has many features from KPI’s at the top of the devices with specific information.

AutoVA home page will list your site location and sensors with name and further information on how each device/site is doing. It also provides information regarding the zone and this is where device health is monitored using Minnovation’s sensors.  

When the user enters AutoVA page for a device, the user can see the performance of the device in the form of graphs.

User has a data stream tab to extract the data for that device and user can do further analysis by extracting the data in the excel and pdf files.

Machine tab provides the user with options of editing the device information.

Sensor tab provides the user with sensor information and which zone they are in from green zone to red zone where immediate actions need to be taken care of.

User has notification tab where user can add the email ids of the users and they will get information regarding the device when any notifications are sent through AlphaX. And also data can be saved in 3 different formats CSV, PDF, & Excel files or even can print the files. Depending on the user permissions can even add or edit and delete the data.