How to Edit Watchdog

How to Edit Watchdog

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 Editing Watchdog 

After creating your watchdog, it will appear on the list of Logix watchdog. User has to edit the watchdog and to edit it User need to click on the green button in front of the created watchdog (also depicted in the picture below) 

After clicking on the edit button, next window will open which will have following options (as depicted in fig below): 

• Watchdog Settings • Notification settings • Sensors to Monitor • One-click export.

Watchdog Settings: In these settings, users can define the name of the watchdog, site, the upper limit, and lower limit.  

1.1.2. Notification Settings  

In notify, list user can add the person whom the user wants to be notified and also user can write subject as per preferences.

Sensors to monitor 

After adding notification settings the user can choose which sensors user want to monitor in the sensors to monitor option. A user can assign sensors to watchdog and can see their description.

One-click export  

The one-click export option is to get the data which is above or below the set limit. A user can go to this option and export the data which is upper or below the set limit of the user.