How to add and manage AlphaX user roles

How to add and manage AlphaX user roles

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1. To add and manage user roles in AlphaX, you should have access to ‘Edit Role’ permission. If you can’t find the steps mentioned below, contact your administrator and discuss your permissions.

2. On the left of your screen, within the main navigation bar, there is a section named ‘PEOPLE’. Under this section, you can find the navigation for ‘Roles’.

3. You will be redirected to the page displaying all the roles associated with sites you are assigned to.

4. If you don’t have permission to ‘View Role’, you will not able to view and edit roles. ( Follow step 1)

5. To add a new role, click on the ‘NEW ROLE’ button on the top-left corner of your web page.

6. You will be redirected to ‘Create New Role’ page, give a name to your role and assign this role to the desired site ( you can assign the role to multiple sites if you are assigned to those sites).

7. Check the checkboxes mentioning permissions which you would like to assign for this role.

8. If you would like to assign all the permissions, there is a shortcut way by clicking the button ‘Check All’ which you can see beside ‘Create’ button.

9. Click ‘Create’ to add to the new role with checked permissions.

10. To edit and manage access to a role, click on the ‘cog’ icon displayed on the right-most column of your desired role.

11. You can edit name, sites, and permission, click ‘Create’ to save your changes.