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Connecting a Levelscout to the MHM

Last Updated: July 27th, 2020
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Level of Difficulty:  3

Tools Needed:

Small Adjustable Spanner

Small Flat Screwdriver

1. Remove the supplied plug from the Levelscout sensor cable. Do this by loosening the collar at the back of the plug. It should be finger tight but you may need a small adjustable spinner to assist.

2. Loosen the Purple, Yellow and Blue wires from the exposed plugs using a small screwdriver. Remove the plug from the wires.

3. Take the MHM4 Plug (Supplied with Levelscout Adapter Kit) and identify pins 2,3 &4

4. Solder the Blue wire to Pin 2, the Purple wire to Pin 3 and the Yellow Pin to 4. (Screwed plug available on request)

5. Connect the MHM4 plug into the Levelscout Modbus adapter and screw up the dust cap. Connect the Modbus adapter to the MHM4 using the supplied M-Cable